Dangers of having a baby at 44

Mick Pranskus and his wife Janet knew they had left things a little late when they started trying for a baby.
First of all, despite what you hear about Nicole Kidman, Madonna and Holly Hunter, women do indeed have a biological clock, and attempting motherhood at or after 40 comes with dangers and risks. I finally came to a place last year where all of our baby stuff was taking up huge amounts of space that we simply could afford to reserve for things we may never use again, as it was looking. There are times of course when teenagers feel frustrated at having so many people to consider besides themselves in a large family.
If you would like to read some great material that answers statistically the facts, objections, and questions about having children later in life I encourage you to read the book, A Full Quiver, by Rick and Jan Hess.

Women who give birth over the age of 35 reduce the risk of having a congenitally malformed baby by 40 per cent, a study has shown.Researchers from Washington University in St Louis in America studied data taken from the second trimester ultrasound tests of 76,000 women comparing their ages and incidences of malformations. Namely, that less than half (44%) of 40-year-old women will get pregnant and have a baby within a year and half of all pregnancies over 40 end in miscarriage. Some have even linked having an older father to Alzheimer's disease, bipolar disorder (previously known as manic depression), heart disease and cancer.
We chose go through the miscarriage naturally and that took about 4 weeks from the time we found out we'd lost the baby to completion, and it required hospitalization for 2 days.
But if you really want a baby, there may be no time like the present." Easy for him to say!

Other studies have suggested that children born to older fathers may be more at risk of breast cancer, but the link is less certain because these children are usually born to older mothers, too, which may also be a contributory factor.'There is now quite a bit of literature showing the relationship between a father having a child at an older age and the risk of the child having negative health and behavioural consequences,' says Dr Avi Reichenberg, a neuropsychologist and epidemiologist at King's College London and expert in this area.
In the UK, a quarter of male deaths occur before the age of 65.'When you're having children late in life, the switching of responsibility happens sooner,' says psychiatrist Dr Reichenberg.
It could become a major public health issue and it's not currently out there and being discussed.'Dr Allan Pacey, the country's leading authority on male fertility, says it's time for a wake-up call on the dangers of putting off becoming a dad.

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