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Almost three-quarters of people do not think women should receive IVF to help them conceive beyond their natural childbearing years, a poll has found. The Shameless actress travelled to Cyprus for IVF treatment and conceived her daughter, Flame, with donor eggs, giving birth aged 50.Two-thirds of those surveyed said they thought children born to women aged 50 to 55 were negatively affected by having an older mother. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. People were sympathetic but at no point was it even suggested that, were I to meet a man, I had anything more than an outside chance of conceiving — and only then with the help of IVF. The Health Service may have to scrap controversial age limits for IVF to avoid the threat of being sued under age discrimination laws. Its current guidance says that infertile women aged between 23 and 39 should be offered three cycles of IVF treatment free on the NHS, but many primary care trusts cannot afford to fund that many.

Various experts had told her that her eggs would be too old or that IVF would represent her only chance of conceiving, but despite that she fell pregnant naturally — twice — once, with twins, that she sadly miscarried, and subsequently with an ectopic pregnancy that resulted in the removal of one of her Fallopian tubes.
In future, trusts may decide whether women can have free IVF cycles by testing how many eggs they have left  -  their 'ovarian reserve'  -  rather than imposing a blanket ban over the age of 40. Assuming I had reached the menopause, I carried on with daily life, irritated that I was putting on weight.
THE IVF GAME OF CHANCE Guidance issued by the health watchdog Nice says all infertile women aged between 23 and 39 should be able to get free fertility treatment on the NHS.
When she didn’t conceive, she was given the fertility drug Clomid and, a year later, had IVF. By the time Nicole was 42, she had been through IVF six times and describes herself as ‘emotionally and financially exhausted’.  Then she read about CARE Fertility in Nottingham, offering fertility treatment for women over 40.

It is very unfair at the moment.' And Dr Marco Gaudoin, of the Glasgow Centre for Reproductive Medicine, said many older women could have children through IVF. In fact Nicole was diagnosed with a condition where the body’s immune system goes into overdrive, producing killer cells which enter the placenta and attack the embryo.

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