Could i be pregnant with a bbt 96.8

Eventually I realized that my low BBT was a common aliment amongst those struggling with infertility.
When I researched online, I found it has already been documented that this simple change does raise your BBT, but for some reason I had overlooked it.
Chances are you started charting somewhere in the middle of your cycle so you won't have as much information to work with. If your BBT is less than 97.4 degrees, then chances are that ovulation has not yet occurred or could be happening at that very moment! Another way the BBT method can identify pregnancy is the length of time that the temperatures stay high. If a triphasic pattern begins to develop (temps stay elevated for 3 days or more) any herbal abortive used 5 to 7 days before menses is due may cause the pregnancy to abort. View real examples of an implantation dip and learn how to read your Basal Body Temperature (BBT) chart to see if you could be pregnant. For those that chart their basal body temperature (BBT), an implantation dip could be an early indication of pregnancy.
An implantation dip is aA luteal phase dipA that will typically occur between 7 and 10 days past ovulation (DPO), and is an indication of implantation – an early sign of pregnancy when the fertilized egg implants itself. Although implantation bleeding are more pinkish or brownish in appearance than your usual menstrual flow, the only real way to distinguish the two is to take a home pregnancy test. Yes; you are most likely experiencing uterine implantation and there is a good chance for you to be pregnant. I'm expecting that most of you will not have been charting your BBT before finding this page.

Every day matters, especially when it comes to your BBT - things can change very quickly, if at all possible, get everything ready so you can take your temp first thing in the morning, as in tomorrow morning. Keep recording and look for your temps to rise, remember they won't go up until a couple of days after ovulation has occurred.
If it is at or above 98.0 degrees, then ovulation is likely to be past, and the egg may have already expired, and pregnancy would be less likely to occur, and one may even go as far as to say you are out of the woods, but continue to chart for a few more days just to make sure, charting for a week would be even better. Clinically proven to dramatically increase your chances of conception and help you get pregnant fast from the very first use.
It is important to be physically and emotionally prepared before attempting another pregnancy. You will have to wait until the date that your period should start to get an accurate result, because if you do it too early, you risk getting a false negative result even if you really are pregnant. With these signs, you might just be experiencing Premenstrual Syndrome and your period might arrive any day from now.
I do suggest that you take a home pregnancy test 14 days after the first day that you have missed your period for a consistent result.
It has taken me 7 mo, 2 mo, and 10 mo respectively to get pregnant and we are on month 8 now.
If your BBT is above 98.0 degrees for more than 16 days in a row, then chances are good that pregnancy is present, and more than 18 days a pregnancy test is pretty much guaranteed to be positive. By charting your BBT every day, you can detect the day you ovulate by looking for a slight temperature rise that will remain elevated after ovulation. Now, an implantation dip only occurs in about 25% of pregnancy charts, while a full 75% of pregnancy charts never show an implantation dip.

But an implantation dip can definitely be one of the early signs of pregnancy, especially when in conjunction with some of the other more common early signs of pregnancy. And now for a limited time, Try a FREE starter pack today & receive 20 FREE pregnancy tests and a FREE Digital BBT Thermometer! However; if you continue missing your period, I do recommend you to take a pregnancy test after 14 days for a reliable result. One of the first things you’re told to do when you start working on fertility issues is to track your BBT (basal body temperature).
With the information you will gather by taking your BBT, and with the help of other pages on this website, you will hopefully be able to get a decent idea of where your cycle is at.
A really excellent book on BBT is Taking Charge of your Fertility by Toni Weschler, which I highly recommend. While with a regular chart, your temps will remain elevated, with an implantation dip, your chart will show a one-day drop in temperature.
So mark the date your last period started on Day 1 of your chart, then add your temps in on the appropriate dates, and connect the dots with a line.

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