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This fall television season, we are witnessing history with not one but two series, starring a Latina actress: Cristela and Jane The Virgin featuring Cristela Alonzo and Gina Rodriguez, respectively. While the series is based on the Venezuelan series Juana la Virgen, it satirizes the telenovela form and feels fresh and new. Next week on Jane the Virgin, explaining virgin conception to a bunch of nuns might be harder than it looks. She got a sneak preview of Jane the Virgin and wants the Latino community to support this new show.

I could not be more proud of these tremendously talented women for ushering in the new wave of TV heroine. The three women live under one roof, watching telenovelas together, even sharing the same bed, and helping each other make sense of Jane’s pregnancy fiasco. After screening the pilot episode of Jane the Virgin, I want to make sure everyone supports this creative and magical series, because we have the power to make it a success. By watching both Jane the Virgin and Cristela we have the opportunity to prove to networks that we want authentic, creative, and fresh programming featuring Latinos in front of and behind the camera, so that there are more opportunities for Latino actors, writers, and directors to tell our stories on the big screen.

She is perfect as Jane Villanueva, the virgin who is mistakenly artificially inseminated by her doctor, and will surely steal America’s hearts for many seasons to come. Sadly, right now the perception of Latinos in America is very specific to maid, landscape, pregnant teen."I have two older sisters, one's an investment banker and one's a doctor and I never saw us being played and I realized how limiting that was," she continues.

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