Could i be pregnant no missed period

Many women seek to know about these very early pregnancy signs either because of  anticipation of an desired pregnancy or anxiety over an undesired one.
Hello… I had sex on july 25th still nt my period but my back aches n i have some white and thick mucus discharge. Hello, I had sex July 19 and august 3 then my expected date of my period is this august 7 and it didn’t come .
I had a period three days early and it lasted for four days, however it was lighter then normal.
My cycle is 28 days and I have a chart which I use every month to record this, am normally only on my period for 3 days been like that for years and I am now on day cycle 33 and no sign on a period however the last 3 days I have had cramps off and on not constant as if I am on my period but it’s not here.

I still feel that cramps and i have white and watery discharge, my temperature higher then before but still no period. The day before yesterday I had like a reddish brown spotting in my underwear same thing today but no period and very mild cramps. All I remember was that last month, I was still on my period on the 8th because I had to go to the Dr. So I expected it on the 1st and now it’s been 8 days and no period along with mild cramping, back pain, increase discharge took a pregnancy test but was negative.
And I have the same symptom and the day of my period I got little pieces of brown discharge and still got it a little today and the day it was suppose to come on it felt like it but everytime i checked it never came, my period was suppose to come on the 3rd but I’m 2 days late.

When I usually start my period it starts very heavy and gradually decreases until it’s only just spotting. I started my period Wednesday the 4th when I was expecting it Thursday the 5th (which is normal because I usually start a day before or after my period app says I will), but I noticed that the bleeding was unusually light. I had unprotected sex on the 2nd and 3rd of July and I didn’t think anything of it because I was expecting my period any day.

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