Could i be pregnant at 46 years old

If Berry is controlling her diabetes, which it appears she is, she shouldn’t have any issues with a healthy pregnancy, experts say. The 46-year-old actress, the first African American to win a Best Actress Academy Award (for Monster’s Ball in 2002), announced she was pregnant. It’s caused one to issue this caution to the woman on the street: “We don’t want the 38-year-old woman deferring childbearing to take this as proof that they can easily conceive naturally in years to come,” says Joshua U.

Even in women using the assistance of IVF (in vitro fertilization), there has never been a clearly documented case of a baby being born from an IVF pregnancy in a woman older than age 45 using her own eggs.
One 2004 study of 770 European women found that 82 per cent of 35- to 39-year-olds would conceive within a year if they had sex once a week, compared with a very similar 86 per cent of 27- to 34-year-olds.

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