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I never really wrote much about our experiences in trying to get pregnant with Baby #1 who as you know is now lovingly referred to as sweet Baby K! Every month (or mulitple times a month) when I tested to see if we were expecting, my heart dropped a bit, wondering why it wasn’t happening for us. After struggling for 3 years to get pregnant with Rylie including one loss along the way, I think I could write a book on all the tricks and treatmegnts I tried along with the emotional rollercoaster you can’t seem to stop. Although, we aren’t currently actively trying to get pregnant right now, I knew it would come in handy for the future.

After thinking I was pregnant only to be upset when we found out that I wasn’t, Captain J and I realized we wanted to start a family.
ConceiveEasy is a natural ingredient supplement designed to enhance the body’s fertility by stimulating ovulation.
The only thing I noticed that might be a downside to the pregnancy test is that the result reading could be confused. I caught a small glimpse of that in the many months it took for us to get pregnant with Baby K.

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