Complete molar pregnancy pictures

Molar pregnancy happens when tissue that normally becomes a fetus instead becomes a growth in the uterus – it called a mole. Molar pregnancy should be treated urgently - the mole tissue can cause serious problems and it should fully and urgently removed. Molar pregnancy is thought to be caused by a problem with the genetic information of an egg or sperm. Complete molar pregnancy – when the egg with no genetic information is fertilized by a sperm or when the nucleus of an egg is either lost or inactivated. Out of 1000 cases of complete molar pregnancy about 150-200 develop trophoblastic disease that keeps growing after the mole is removed.
Early Teens – early sex in adolescents and early pregnancy is a high risk for molar pregnancy.

History of molar pregnancy in anamneses - especially if you have had  molar pregnancy two or more times. Clomiphene stimulation – infertile women after stimulation of ovulation (with clomipene) have higher risk for molar pregnancy.
Important point is that molar pregnancy should be treated URGENTLY because untreated molar pregnancy can be transformed into trophoblastic disease which can turn into cancer and even can be spread to other parts of the body.
Ultrasound investigations can be useful for determining and monitoring of molar pregnancy development.
If the pregnancy has not ended on its own a suction D & C is usually used to evacuate the mole form the uterus.
If you have previously had a molar pregnancy without complications, your risk of having another molar pregnancy is about 1-2%.

Unlike complete molar pregnancy, the bhCG and a-fetoprotein levels are normal in 1, 2 and 3 above. The diagnostic implication of routine ultrasound examination in histologically confirmed early molar pregnancies.
Scientists discovered that the frequency of molar pregnancy is higher in Southeast Asia and Mexico. Invasive mole and placental site trophoblastic tumor: two entities of gestational trophoblastic disease with a common ultrasonographic appearance.

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