Celebrity advice on pregnancy

I gained 90 pounds between back to back pregnancies and was one of the unlucky women who has the major stretch marks to prove it. Baby Social July 18, 2013 CELEBRITY, PARENTING When Money Isn't A Factor Just to make you feel totally inadequate, here are some presents celebrities have given their kids.
Baby Social July 1, 2013 CELEBRITY, PARENTING Jessica Simpsons Baby Boy Ace Congratulations to Jessica Simpson who has just had a baby boy called Ace. Baby Social December 6, 2012 CELEBRITY, PARENTING A Royal Baby Seems like Harry and Pippa aren't the only wild ones.

Baby Social October 26, 2012 BABY STYLE, CELEBRITY, KID STYLE, PARENTING, STYLE Young Style Icons Of Hollywood And you thought Hollywood actors and actresses had style, check out these young celebrity style icons.
Natalie King October 5, 2012 CELEBRITY, PARENTING, PREGNANCY & BIRTH 40 is the new 30 – yes it is!
More women are getting pregnant at 40 and they’re happy and they look good and they know it. What worked for me and my poor stretched out skin when I was pregnant with twins and gained 96 pounds (Not a typo, ladies.

Unlike products containing retinoids that are verboten while with child, (like these 7 other pregnancy no-nos), Mustela is completely safe to use during pregnancy and relies primarily on soy and avocado peptides to help skin withstand stretching.

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