Can't get pregnant standing up

Note: In May 2015, the Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Campaign of North Carolina (APPCNC) became SHIFT NC (Sexual Health Initiatives For Teens).
It covers everything from basic reproductive anatomy to a primer on birth control methods to how to answer the craziest question a 7th-grader can lob. Proof that young people still - even in the age of Google - need a lot of help getting accurate info about sex. Our job is to build up a North Carolina that can help young people replace their myths with safe, accurate, helpful information about sex, reproduction, and their bodies.

Most American women know how many children they can afford to support as single and married women.
If every women around the world used condoms, birth control and practiced safe sex fewer women would have unwanted pregnancies and sustain healthier lives. Waiting to have sex by practicing abstinence and celibacy will enable a couple to have planned better relationships as a couple and having a planned pregnancy as a couple willing to take the responsibility to raise their child.
America is a county that is bountiful, but even in America, women have a choice in how many children they can produce in considerations to their economic status.

There are couples who believe that they want to raise as many children as they can if they can afford to give it the happy home they can provide.

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