Breastfeeding signs i could be pregnant again

It’s why exclusive breastfeeding really can be VERY effective birth control for some women!
While I would never tell someone when they can and can’t try to conceive, I also think we need to look past our desire a bit and make sure we focus on our health if we do try to conceive while breastfeeding.
A slow return of fertility can be a good thing for mothers, allowing their bodies the time to replenish nutrients depleted during pregnancy. To add to this, alot of mothers successfully breastfeed whilst pregnant and go onto tandem feed even once the second baby is born. Another side of the story, is people like me who found themselves pregnant when their nursing baby was only 6 months old. I don’t think anyone wants to get pregnant again when they have a very young, exclusively breastfed baby. I am researching becoming pregnant while breastfeeding because my husband and I are ready to have another baby, and our 20 month old still nurses 1 or 2 times per day.
If you aren’t pregnant, I would really focus on getting a lot of nutrient dense foods to help boost egg quality, especially if you continue to nurse. I wouldn’t recommend that women who are EXCLUSIVELY nursing a baby, or nursing a baby much under a year get pregnant again.
Unless you want to have sex every other day ALL MONTH LONG (and maybe you do!), you could miss it. You could simply wait a few months longer to see if your cycle normalizes (chances are, it will, in time). I am breastfeeding my 13 month old and get the general idea, but would like to know more specifically. While many women do get pregnant while they are nursing, it can be more difficult on the woman’s body, depleting her of necessary nutrients that can have lasting symptoms. She is still breastfeeding and I get a period every month and I have ovulated every month but it still is not enough.

Well, for some women, ANY breastfeeding is birth control and can make getting pregnant difficult. And if you do ovulate, the smaller number of matured follicles produce less progesterone, leading to low levels (progesterone is very important in sustaining a pregnancy and is responsible for a lot of the morning sickness and fatigue you feel during pregnancy) and possibly a short luteal phase (shorter than 10 days and the embryo doesn’t have time to implant before your period starts). As your baby gets older and begins to nurse a bit less often, especially once your baby sleeps through the night (at least mostly), your body will begin to get fertile again. You could try to reduce breastfeeding sessions to see if that helps you start ovulating again.
Our bodies need to rest and rebuild between pregnancies, for the breastfeeding baby, the more nutrients in the milk the better, and the developing fetus needs all of mom’s nutritional resources.
I have fallen pregnant with my other kids (I have four) at this stage traditionally, however, I had also stopped breastfeeding by now too.
I have pcos (polycystic ovarian syndrome), so it is difficult to become pregnant anyways, so I want to be prepared and be as healthy as I can for my son and future child(ren). I am getting really upset and I am debating whether to stop breastfeeding all together just so that i can have another baby. Even if that’s not the case, there are some unique signs and symptoms that can occur while breastfeeding. Many women are able to get pregnant once they are only breastfeeding 2 – 4 times per day instead of 10 – 12 times. If you don’t, chart for a few months to figure out about when it’s occurring, as well as to get familiar with your body and your signs. Unless you are one of those people who is fertile while breastfeeding, it seems like a recipe for everyone being much less healthy than they otherwise would be. Unfortunately, because I am still breastfeeding my 1yr old (and quite regularly as she demands – and despite her being on solids) my period has yet to return.
I was still breastfeeding my oldest child (past a year) and easily got pregnant with my second.

And basically, if you ever have a noticeable amount of cervical fluid and want to prevent pregnancy, it’s best to abstain. I had to take Clomid to conceive my daughter and fear that I will have to take it again for baby #2.
But when you’re still breastfeeding your last baby, you may face some unique challenges in getting pregnant that you never expected. Your body does need a rest between pregnancies, but naturally most women get their periods back around 12 months postpartum.
He has gone 2 days ever (not in a row) of no breastfeeding, so we are eventually going to wean, it just hasn’t happened yet. DD enjoys nursing so I do not want to wean her simply to take Clomid again, but at the same time, I fear that I will not be able to get pregnant as long as I’m nursing. Clearly if you’re breastfeeding you’ve successfully gotten (and stayed) pregnant at least once. But I am not yet at the stage where I am willing to give up breastfeeding solely so I can get pregnant, when my daughter so obviously isn’t ready yet to wean. But in my last pregnancy, when I was 14 weeks along, they found a 13cm cyst on my right ovary.
You make a totally valid point though, breastfeeding is a “natural birth control” for a reason! 2 weeks later it returned measuring 15cm so when I was 17 weeks along they went in again this time a full surgical procedure and rolled my womb to the side and removed my whole ovary.
And most recently, on CD 15 and was hoping this was a pregnancy cycle (but not yet, unfortunately).

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