Best ways to get pregnant with high prolactin levels

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Therefore, it is a good idea for the test to be retaken at a later date to confirm that the prolactin level is actually as high as first indicated.

If it is confirmed, your doctor will be able to look into why your level is high, discuss treatment options and give you additional suggestions to help you conceive based on your specific situation.
This drug brings prolactin levels down to a normal level so that ovulation can occur and a pregnancy can be achieved. However, it is important to note that Bromocriptine only treats the symptom of the high prolactin level and does not cure what is actually causing the elevated prolactin levels.
Therefore, once the drug is stopped, the prolactin levels may go back up to their original level.

There are many ways of doing this, but two popular choices include taking your basal body temperature and using that to chart your monthly cycle and using ovulation predictor kits to help pinpoint when ovulation is approaching. Taking special care to time intercourse right before ovulation occurs will increase your chances of getting pregnant.

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