Best stores for maternity clothes

Expectant mothers have a lot of concerns but when shopping for maternity clothes, style and price shouldn’t be one of them.
It’s not perfect, but this national chain is one of the best local options for maternity basics like jeans, capris, work clothes, etc. Destination Maternity is owned by the same company that also owns A Pea in the Pod and Motherhood Maternity. Rather than spending a fortune on specialized clothes that can only be worn for a few months, try some of these tricks for staying in your regular wardrobe (mostly).The first time I walked into a maternity clothing store, I was shocked by how expensive everything was.
At these South Florida maternity clothing stories, you’ll find nursing tops, bras and all the “mama-must-have” items that new mothers will crave from bump, to baby and beyond!
While much of your wardrobe may be able to accommodate your changing shape (check out how the always fabulous Girl with Curves wore her existing wardrobe throughout her pregnancy), it’s fun to select a few pieces made for maternity silhouettes.

There are more options out there for cute plus size maternity clothes than ever before!A few shapes emphasize that baby bump rather than existing curves. Look for tunics, tailored tops and blouses, or maxi dresses that add a hint of definition to the waist and then have lots of roomy fabric to float over the belly. I bought a single pair of new maternity jeans, but the rest of my wardrobe was cobbled together from various sources that I’ll explain here.The elastic band trickThis is an old favourite of many pregnant women and is a great way to make non-maternity pants last much longer. Help your posture and get extra support with a nursing bra that will also be useful while breastfeeding.There are not tons of stores out there catering to plus size pregnant women but there are a few good ones.
It’s great in the post-partum weeks as well, when clothes still don’t fit properly but maternity wear is too baggy.Wear normal clothesThere are tons of non-maternity clothes with a relaxed, flowing, or baggy style that can easily accommodate a growing belly and still be worn for years after giving birth. Look for loose long tops, or buy fitted ones in a size slightly larger than what you’d normally wear.
Dresses are great for pregnancy, especially maxi dresses, either with a high empire-style waist or no waist at all.Add an elasticized waistband to shirtsThe problem with many non-maternity shirts is that, even if they’re long enough, they ride up as the belly grows.

Check out this blogger’s instructions for how to do it using a safety pin and piece of elastic.UndergarmentsThe waistband on regular underwear can become uncomfortable, so try wearing lower-cut, smaller styles that keep the elastic below the belly.
Look for a pencil skirt that you can wear up over your belly or a flowing, irregular hem skirt that you can wear below your belly.Please share any other suggestions in the comments below.

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