Best organic pregnancy products

Never have I put more time, care and attention into the products I was slathering onto my body daily than when I was pregnant. Created for mothers by a mother herself, Shea Terra's Mama's Gold oil is made from 100% natural ingredients like shea, mountain sage, carrot and pumpkin seeds and lavender - perfect for pampering those pregnant bellies! Full of coconut, jojoba and olive oils, Pangea Organics' Body Wash is free of sulfates, GMOs or synethic preservatives.
Perfect for daily use, Simply Organic's Everyday Shampoo is gentle and restorative, offering brilliantly weightless shine. Christopher Drummond's eyeshadows are organic, gentle and vegan without irritating ingredients like bismuth oxychloride found in conventional eyeshadows. A soy-based mascara that actually work, Emani Minerals' formula products full, curvy lashes without clumps, flakes or smearing. Soften those hard-working hands with this rich blend of organic olive, macadamia nut and jojoba oils. Formulated with organic ingredients like jojoba seed oil and corn starch, Physician Formula's bronzer is a natural solution to appear instantly awake and refreshed. Dab on this crisp scent every morning for an organic, exotic blend of coconut, tiare flower and Madagascar vanilla. Where possible, incorporate organic and natural products into your routine during pregnancy.
A skincare brand created by four beauty experts who developed products for problem areas (stretch marks, bust firmers, and a cooling serum for the legs).

This is an organic prenatal vitamin that GP took during pregnancy that contains nutrients to maintain general health (and great hair and nails too).
Earth Mama is a great line of products for expecting and recent moms—teas, balms, oils, and body butter, that all aim to make pregnancy and breast feeding more comfortable. Despite the fact that the cosmetics industry is barely regulated at all, many women often don’t consider which chemicals may be lurking in their cosmetics until they become pregnant.
Obviously, any soon-to-be mom would surely rather be ‘better safe than sorry’ when it comes to choosing cosmetic products to use during her special 9 months. With a little black book of all things mama and baby, Alicia selected the 10 products her clients love most.
My clients love it so much, it was difficult to choose just one product from the Jane Iredale range.
I have been trying to get into organic and natural beauty products and this seems like just the post that I needed to read, even with my lack of pregnancy, haha! Infused with rice milk and organic essential blends of clary sage and ylang ylang, this one's a no-brainer.
Don't fret - Juice Beauty's Blemish Be Gone is the perfect on-the-go spot treatment to reduce breakouts and unclog pores using organic fruit acids and vitamins. Opt for Calendula's natural version which includes organic calendula flower extract and organic fennel oil. Tone and balance skin every day with this organic solution, or reserve for soothing burns and after-sun exposure.

Check out our Natural and Organic Skincare issue for more ideas on products that you can use while pregnant. Their products have what they call “no nasties” in them, meaning no parabens, petroleum, phthalates, colorants, sodium laureth, sodium sulphates, synthetic fragrances, or xenoestrogen.
For help here, we asked expert Alicia Dell’Anna for her suggestions on products that she knows to be 100% safe for women–and their bumps. Most anti blemish cleansers contain Salicylic acid, something doctors recommend you avoid during pregnancy. If you are looking to enhance your natural pregnancy glow whilst covering those hormonal blemishes, this is the product for you. Lightweight, it absorbs quickly into the skin and the subtle aroma promises not to offend even the most sensitive of pregnant noses. And even though I’m no longer pregnant, the idea of returning to my former ways after relying on such healthful products makes me cringe.
Clients come to Delivered by Dell’Anna for a unique and tailor-made service to make their pregnancy as stress-free and enjoyable as possible. You’ll wake up reaping the benefits of this fabulous product, before, during and after pregnancy.

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