Being pregnant uncomfortable

Being pregnant is a wonderful, beautiful, life-changing thing – but you may experience some physical changes that can be uncomfortable for you.
Although some women do feel great during pregnancy with glowing skin and heaps of energy, that’s not everyone’s reality. My skin was tremendously dry during both pregnancies, and I used the Made From Earth Aloe Body Lotion on my entire body after showering.
Remember that your skin is the largest organ in your body – so it’s no mystery as to why it can undergo changes during pregnancy.

If being pregnant is physically unpleasant for you or you feel stressed and anxious, you’re not alone. Progesterone, known as one of the “pregnancy hormones,” also slows the flow of food through your intestines, which can create some uncomfortable situations. You may develop acne, patches of rough or dry skin, or areas of darkened pigmentation on your face (commonly known as “the mask of pregnancy”). A few months after your baby is born, you’ll shed the extra fuzz – all completely common effects of pregnancy hormones.

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