Baby born to pregnant brain dead mother

With two stories gaining national attention this winter about brain-dead, pregnant women and their unborn children, it's difficult to think of one without the other.
In Canada, Robyn Benson was kept on life support for more than a month to save her unborn baby. A woman who was left brain-dead while pregnant was kept alive by doctors for nearly two months so her baby could be born.
Docs declared her brain dead, but the young mum was kept on life support for a massive 54 days before her baby boy, Angel was ready to leave the womb.
A pregnant Canadian woman who was declared braindead more than a month ago gave birth to a healthy baby boy this weekend.

Joy: Dylan Benson posted a photo of him with his brand new son Iver Cohen after he was born on Saturday.
She was rushed to hospital but the following day, on December 29, she was declared brain dead.Mr Benson, who works for an IT company, has had to take time off work to keep a vigil at his wife's bedside.
On the other hand, I know that the day or the day after he is born will be the day that I have to say goodbye to Robyn,' Mr Benson told CBC.Although Mrs Benson has been declared brain dead, doctors are trying to keep her body alive for another seven weeks, so the baby can be safely delivered by cesarean section. When the baby is born, Mr Benson plans to call him Iver - a name the couple had chosen before Mrs Benson's sudden illness.On the morning that she suffered the brain hemorrhage, Mrs Benson had woken with a piercing headache and asked her husband to go out and buy painkillers. Robyn Benson's husband, Dylan Benson, said she would have wanted to stay on life support until her baby could be born.

His lawyers later said scans revealed that the then-22-week-old fetus was "distinctly abnormal." Dylan Benson agreed to keep his wife on life support and kept a blog to update Baby Iver's progress. He said the state law keeping Marlise Munoz on life support didn't apply to her because she was already dead and ordered that she be removed from life support.

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