Artificial insemination kit

These Artificial Insemination Kits should contain everything that you will need to perform an artificial, assisted breeding on your own females within your own kennel. The equipment in these kits is better than the equipment we used when we produced our DVD teaching people how to do artificial inseminations. Before we had this disposable equipment we used to have to clean and sterilize the sheaths, test tubes and insemination tubes after an AI was done. So while the sheaths in these kits are a lot thinner than those used in my DVD, they are meant to be tossed out after one use.

We strongly recommend that you purchase and view the Leerburg Artificial Insemination DVD prior to using this AI Kit! I just wanted you to know that we bought and used the artificial insemination kits you sell and had 2 litters of puppies with 11 pups in one litter, and 13 pups in the other litter!
I had purchased your AI kit about 1 month ago, and I am proud to say that we had success and are expecting the litter end of June!!!!! Just wanted to let you know that I did my first AI using your AI kit and DVD and it was successful!

If you need to learn how to use the kit or how to perform an AI, the DVD is available for purchase.

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