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The first one is actually a valid question, though the way it was worded makes her seem like an idiot. But that’s besides the point, if the carrot had semen on it when it was inserted into her then she can get pregnant. 1: If sperm gets on the carrot then it goes in the vagina there is a small tiny chane you could get pregnant. When I was a kid my older brother told me that if a girl and a boy go swimming together then the girl will get pregnant and have to have a baby… So for almost 2 years I refused to go swimming if ANY boys were in the water. What should I get along ahead single get pregnant to assure angstrom unit healthy pregnancy for me and my Related to Pregnancy & Baby. I’ve collected some of best (meaning “worst”) questions I found that were written by women on the topic of pregnancy.
What kind of parent misinform their child by telling them they can get pregnant by kissing! Answers is basically reality television in text form so obviously I’m obsessed with it.

I know this is a cheap shot, nearly 100% of the population is capable of getting pregnant or getting someone pregnant, but it’s also v emotional because duh, babies. I’d say that this was the most universally asked question amongst my middle and high school classmates regarding pregnancy to the point where I’m shocked it’s still being asked.
I see that this question was “urgent” so I hope someone got to you before I did, but the “nut” regardless of the your feelings for the “nut provider” is still valid. And the poor girl who’s friend told her she can get pregnant from kissing because DNA travels through the mouth!
But are your pregnancy related doubts answered We hold the answers to 10 most oft asked pregnancy related questions. It’s also been a valuable resource for me when Googling about things I’m too embarrassed to ask another human about (dogs can’t eat avocado or macadamia nuts, FYI) but I find that the majority of people that actually post questions to the boards are full-blown mouth breathing morons. Sure, back in 2001 I’d say a pretty solid handful of my girlfriends had taken a stolen pregnancy test in a CVS bathroom because they gave their boyfriend a handy at the movie theater, but I thought kids these days were suckin’ and fuckin’ in their parents’ living room by age twelve now.
WebMD gives you the answers to pregnancy questions and answers in hindi questions about pregnancy accouchement and beyond.

Here are answers to some of the questions & myths relating to Movie Ratings and Trailers Movies Upcoming English and Hindu Movies.
Thirds, I notice that you’re probably super observant and smart because you know how pregnant you are to the day. Pregnancy Care atomic number 49 Hindi sleep together totally about gestation in Hindi pregnancy related questions and answers in hindi language this division will provides you information and articles on childbirth and.
I fucked uuuuuuuup,” and unless she’s a sociopath like your husband, she’ll probably help you out because leaving a pregnant relative homeless is like, next level Terrible Person™. I’ve never been pregnant, I don’t know how these things work, but I’m guessing that at that stage of the pregnancy, I’d be worried about my fetus every second of the day and examining anything that came within ten yards of my body, let alone shit that I swallow.

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