All natural pregnancy gifts

She believes in the natural process of childbirth and the healing power of Mother Nature (like me!) and this is just one of the many reasons her products and mission resonates with me. This is the perfect gift for a breastfeeding mom (especially if it’s her first baby!).
Filled with naturally indispensable soothers to ease pregnancy’s common discomforts, from worried head to tired toes, and everything in between!
Earth Mama has TONS of single items to purchase for the new mama to be so don’t be deterred if none of the gift sets resonated with you.
Coming up with a unique, thoughtful, and helpful gift for expecting moms can be a challenge when you don’t know where to turn.

All in all, Earth Mama Angel Baby is a trustworthy, carefully researched brand that has my stamp of approval (if that means anything, haha!).
This recovery bundle is packed with thoughtful must-haves to address all the discomforts mamas may be experiencing after birth such as hemorrhoids, episiotomy, cramping, postpartum vaginal swelling or bruising, postpartum blues, and nausea to bring mama back into balance.
Happy Mama Hand to Toe Wash is a queasy-busting companion to naturally uplifting Happy Mama Spray. This is a complete gift set, with absolutely everything the mama-to-be will need during her pregnancy and after. I’m Nicole I am an all natural health nut, a ukulele enthusiast, and a beginner gardener on the hunt for ways to better my earth living!

Peruse around the website and check out all the single items you can buy (there’s much more than I listed) before deciding on a gift card–you might just find the very thing you were looking for!
As a woman who is entering the mom-phase of life, I love connecting with all natural moms and learning ways to create an safe, nontoxic, organic home for my family.

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