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Only one day has passed from the delay of menstruation, and the woman is already looking forward to know, pregnant. In a pregnant woman in the body is hormone – human chorionic gonadotropin, it affects pregnancy. Theoretically confirm the fact no pregnancy can sensitive the test is made on the second day, after a delay monthly. Difficulty may arise with the definition of ectopic pregnancy is not always the test can show. Receive exclusive discounts on our most popular products for trying-to-conceive, pregnant, or breastfeeding couples. Please ALSO send me Get Pregnant Now: the essential, 5-part daily guide on the fundamentals of conceiving quickly. This link will open a new window in your browser that will take you to a page that lists many subjects including Abortion, Endometriosis, Fertility, Menopause, Miscarriage, PMS, PMT, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) and much, much more including a FREE Ovulation Calendar you can view and use, a fertility chart you can download and print for FREE and even a video clearly showing and describing the entire process of ovulation.

We sell all the main brands of pregnancy tests including all those from Clearblue and First Response but we also sell our own complete range of pregnancy tests that are just as good at a fraction of the price of the main brands.
We also offer different types of pregnancy test (pee on a stick, pippette & cassette test and, the just as accurate, strip type test). For details of our pregnancy tests, clearblue digital pregnancy kits and other pregnancy testing kits, please view our product listing below.
Our cassette type pregnancy test, utilising a pipette to accurately add the correct amount of urine to the test well, is used through-out the NHS to confirm a positive test for pregnancy. Our own products are so good that we are very proud that though we are still a small family run Company we are now the number 1 supplier of pregnancy tests to the NHS.
We have had this confirmed many times as with an implanted fertilized egg we know the exact moment the pregnancy starts if the implantation is successful.
For many years all women enjoy affordable and easy way to determine pregnancy at a very early lines – this is a common test for pregnancy.

The maximum concentration of the hormone, becomes approximately 10 weeks of pregnancy, then its level in the female body is reduced. To use the pregnancy test strips you simply fill a container or a collection cup with urine and hold the test strip in the container in a vertical position. Another important aspect is that the pregnancy test detects false-negative result if it is too early to spend.
Take the strip out after 3 seconds and lay the strip flat on a clean, dry, non-absorbent surface (such as the mouth of the urine container).

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