About pregnancy and baby

Create an instal­la­tion of fine art por­traits for your home specif­i­cally designed to fol­low the first two years of your baby’s life.
Customized birth announce­ment cards are a great way to share the news with friends and fam­ily. In my practice, I support women throughout their pregnancy both if they are experiencing any issues and even if things are going smoothly.
If you are past your due date and would like to go into labor naturally, consider scheduling an acupuncture treatment. Get my free newsletter for health inspiration, Chinese Medicine wisdom, and nourishing recipes lovingly made in my kitchen.

I simply can’t imagine a week without Daniela, not just because her treatments have improved my quality of life, but because her care and attention makes each visit amazing! My husband and I really loved our Healthy Pregnancy appointment with Daniela- it gave us so much optimism! Acupuncture supports women in their final weeks of pregnancy as their body naturally prepares for labor.
Acupuncture balances your body and facilitates energy flow to help prepare your body for labor. I just wanted to let you know that my little 8lb boy arrived safe and sound… I went into very early labor about 2am on Wednesday morning (the night after my second appointment with you) and had a great, completely natural labor and delivery at UCSF.

Chinese medicine treatments are effective at healing and strengthening the body and treating any post-partum issues that may come up.

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