Abortion jokes

Once again, I have returned to scour the internet for new examples of excellent abortion humor.
Just explain the double standard, and either allow them to be hypocrites stuck in their perceptions of a joke, or make it clear that it was a joke and it's applicable in the same way it was in the train wreck. Here is the thing, if I was raped (I wasn't) when I was 8 years old by my drunken father, I don't think it would be appropriate to tell me a rape joke.

Some people are empathetic to the existence and plight of others, and would rather never think about one human violently and forcibly raping another human being, than laugh at it.I will agree that people are much too uptight about some things, and I have told my fair share of rape jokes, whether or not I "ought" to is a different story. Without even getting into whether or not they should feel that way, the fact is that they do, and they probably will get over it and feel better a lot sooner if you didn't tell them incest or rape jokes.edited for clarity and to make sure everyone knows i wasnt actually raped.

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