8 weeks pregnant foods to eat

During pregnancy, taking in the right amount of nutrition is essential for the health and safety of you and your baby. It is important that you take folic acid during pregnancy, especially during the first three months. If you’re reading this with a face covered in acne, you might be wondering where your pregnancy glow is. The food you are eating is not just a source of nutrition for you, but for your growing baby as well.

All you seem to hear people say about pregnant women is that they are blooming, glowing and looking beautiful. When it comes to drinking alcohol during pregnancy, not enough is known about the potentially harmful effects alcohol can have on the developing baby. If you’re experiencing pregnancy acne, you may feel rather differently about the affect pregnancy has had on your skin. For this reason, experts advise pregnant women to avoid alcohol entirely for the duration of the pregnancy.

You should start taking folic acid supplements as soon as you discover you are pregnant, if you are not already taking them.

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