40 weeks of pregnancy poster

As we know, each week of pregnancy brings a new surprise (good or bad) and 40 Weeks is there to document every milestone and rough patch. 40 Weeks will premiere on December 1st at the Angelika Film Center in New York City and will be coming to Boston on January 12th along with eight other locations across the country. 40 Weeks is the first unscripted documentary film to offer an intimate window into the week-by-week journey of pregnant women across the country.

Producer (and mom!), Dominque Debroux wanted to show the funny and stressful moments every woman experiences in her own unique 40 weeks of pregnancy. Until then, here are 40 reasons to go at least the full 40 weeks of pregnancy.TAP A CARD BELOW TO LEARN MORE!
Get to know these women as they go through their own pregnancy trials and triumphs and learn about how their bodies and babies grow.

Finally, a real film that accurately documents the up’s and down’s throughout every week of pregnancy!

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