40 day cycle and trying to conceive

If your cycle is ovulatory, whatever the length of the cycle, ovulation will normally occur 14 days before your period.
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If a cycle is longer than 35 days, it may be anovulatory (meaning that ovulation did not occur). Women who have ovulatory cycles, whatever the length, will often experience some ovulatory symptoms which may include some abdominal pain or clear vaginal discharge at the time of ovulation, followed by premenstrual symptoms such as breast tenderness, mood changes and cramping.

Thanks for this info — I might have to talk to my doctor about this, since my cycle has been really all over the place (and long) ever since i was young. During this time the follicles (which are the small cysts containing the eggs) are growing, and producing estrogen. After you ovulate, the ovary produces progesterone which is thermogenic, and this raises your temperature. And i definitely want to have kids one day, so i’m going to start tracking my BBT now.

A basal body temperature (BBT) plotted on a graph will easily identify if your cycle is ovulatory.

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