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I guess if Colin Kaepernick and Russell Wilson can pretend to be buddies on Madden commercials, Hawkblogger and I can put the rivalry aside for a bit and play fantasy football together. After getting that email I knew I was in huge trouble, because the people who did the CBS Fantasy Football rankings are geniuses when it comes to this stuff. The highest-scoring team each week gets prizes they can either keep or hand out to their readers, but unfortunately I finished 13 points behind the top team in Week 1 so I didn’t get a bunch of team flags to pass out.
You may have noticed that my third-leading scorer in Week 1 was Shane Vereen, who was placed on short-term injured reserve.

NewsletterGet BASG-Mail for weekly updates on the top stories in bay area sports, special giveaways and more. It also means you’ll be able to¬†hear me on The Game twice per week¬†throughout the NFL season. There was no getting around it — I was on my way to absorbing a sound beating in Week 1.
Pierce had 22 yards on nine carries in Week 1 against the Broncos, and is limited in practice due to a thigh injury as the Ravens prepare to face the Browns.

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