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You can take a look at how successful it has been too here as there are predictions for a large variety of games.
A statistician explains some mathematical models behind predicting results of international soccer games and risks his reputation by trying to guess the winners of the 2010 World Cup.
Betting on football is one of the most popular betting markets with huge number of games that are broadcasted all over the globe. I'M BETTOR brings you free football predictions (soccer predictions) and free football tips, match previews, football tables, football fixtures, results and live scores for over 150 Football Leagues & Cups. Who hasn’t taken on Lawro on the BBC challenge and scoffed at his constant positive predictions for Liverpool FC! Well thats the scary claim of a new Polish start up called Betegy, which believes that in some games in some leagues it is getting the results right 90% of the time.
If you like the look of its predictions too you can take advantage of its betting system which is integrated into its site.
At the recent Confederation Cup, Betegy correctly predicted Brazil’s victory, although Spain was widely tipped.
Economists use models to assess the efficiency of betting markets, operational researchers use models to experiment with the various effects of tournament design, and statisticians showcase their proficiency with advanced statistical techniques by modelling the intricacies of football data.It is not, of course, just academics who are mining the archives of football scores.
Getting the right football predictions and the best football betting odds is essential key to make a profit. Although I am not a full-time football follower, I watch world championships when they happen and know a few things about national teams. Bookmakers live and breathe football prediction models - as do the more committed flutterers.

If he had known footballers and golfers earned so much money, he would have ignored his parents and concentrated less on maths at school and more on his sporting activities.
By using our football tips table in conjunction with the odds comparison tool you will get the best value that betting websites can offer. People can make their predictions about the winning team in the competition and individual match results. Mistakes cost money and jobs, whilst finding a small advantage can carry great rewards.Betting marketsIn academia, the most common application of football forecasting models is to test for betting market efficiency. Finding a forecasting model of football that can generate better-than-average - or even positive - returns usually results in a publication for the academic as an example of a violation of the EMH, but the proprietary nature of the models means that the published ones rarely (if ever) represent the very best models, and even less often generate positive returns consistently.The best performing models are the reserve of the gambling industry. Day has based his predictions on his football knowledge – including the surprise elimination of tournament favourites Spain, reasoning that the runner-up in Group G is likely to be Portugal, who would then give Spain a real test in the next match.
For example, a typical model might take into account recent results of a team and each team's position in the league only. The odds-setter will then adjust these predicted odds to account for, say, an injury to a star player.On the other side of the market, are the bettors. As a bookmaker does, he uses a model to give him a starting point and then adjusts the odds as he sees fit.Jarowek is an expert on Polish football, and when he finds a discrepancy between his odds and those of the bookmakers, he can choose whether the discrepancy is enough to advise placing a bet. Some academics believe this is one of the sources of the popularity of football - fans never really know the outcome of a match before it has happened making watching the game an exciting proposition.Pundits make careers based on this uncertainty of outcome and spend endless hours contemplating each and every possible event in a match.
There are countless upsets in domestic football every weekend, and the World Cup throws up its fair share of giant-killings.
First, one can predict the result directly - whether the result will be a win, a draw or a loss.

In a statistical model, the parameters are estimated to best explain what has happened in the past.My model here is based on nearly 9,000 international match results over an eight-year period.
For each game, I use the previous eight results for each team (on average a national team plays eight matches in a 12-month period).
In addition to the results, I know the world rankings for each of the eight opposition teams at the time of the game.Using the information of past results needs a little extra thought. As a consequence, the past results should be weighted relative to the result and relative to the strength of the opposition.
A bookmaker might use these probabilities to help inform odds-setters, whilst a bettor might use them to assess whether a bet should be placed.In order to predict the winner of the World Cup 2010, one needs to predict the winner of a series of matches.
Given Group B favourites, Argentina, are much stronger than the other teams in the group, France (and Argentina) are likely to have less difficult matches in the first knockout stage than Spain, Brazil and Portugal.It is clear then, that predicting the winners of the tournament overall is not just a case of picking the best team.
The results of 100,000 simulated tournaments are shown in the table, left.Despite their seemingly difficult draws, Spain and Brazil are still first and second in terms of number of wins. The number of wins can easily be converted into a predicted probability of winning the tournament for each team which is shown in the third column of the table (left).It is interesting to compare the predicted win probabilities with the FIFA World Rankings.
France are big movers upwards - possibly because of their easier draw, whilst Portugal fall to ninth favourites, despite being the third-ranked team in the world.Given that the most frequent use of such a model is to compare the probabilities with those of bookmakers, the fifth and sixth columns of the table give the odds and implied probabilities from Bet365, as at the date I made my predictions (14 May 2010).
I have to admit, when I saw the similarities, I was pleased - it confirms the model and simulation exercise give sensible results.

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