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While most NBA fans are focusing on highly notable superstar players like LeBron James, Stephen Curry and James Harden, there are several Latino players you should be watching.
The Spurs will not win the 2015 NBA Championship unless Tiago Splitter stays healthy and plays a big role. Playoffs are underway, and with the return of J&J's Top 5, here are picks for the best teams in the playoff. Manu Ginobili knows what time it is, having won four NBA Championships with the San Antonio Spurs. Chicago Bulls: The Bulls would be much higher on my list if it weren’t for all the ambivalence surrounding the team. Cleveland Cavaliers: Any team that has LeBron James is automatically a championship contender. Golden State Warriors: From the moment the ball tipped on opening night, Golden State Warriors have been the most dominant team bar none.
Memphis Grizzlies: Welcome to postseason basketball where the tempo slows down and teams struggle to score.
While the San Antonio Spurs are reloading with talent across the board, a few teams are making dumb mistakes that are setting them backwards. Nene is the all-time leading scorer in NBA history among Brazilian-born players with more than 9,000 career points. Dominican center Al Horford ranked second on the team in rebounds per game this season, and led the Hawks to the No. This year, that adage has proven to be true again as the Spurs are 19-4 since March 1, good for second best in the NBA.
But a team that has James, Kyrie Irving, Kevin Love and a supporting that would rival that of The Departed, well, that team should be a championship favorite.
Last season Splitter became the first ever Brazilian-born player to ever win the NBA Championship when he dominated the Miami Heat offense led by LeBron James.

And in the final month of the season, the Cavaliers have demonstrated that they are indeed one of the two teams that should be slated to win a championship this season, as they finished 11-4 in that span.
Posting the best record in the Eastern Conference (60-22) the Hawks have shown in a league riddled by superstars and super teams, you can win without either. Kanter is viewed as a defensive liability, and this deal seems very high for a team that has two superstar players nearing the end of their contracts. In addition to the bevy of established players recovering from injury, the Bulls also have Pau Gasol, who led the NBA in double-doubles this season.
It’s hard to imagine that any team can bank on stopping both of them from erupting for four out of seven games, even without bringing up established scorers like David Lee, Andre Igoudala, Andrew Bogut, Shaun Livingston and Marreese Speights.
Had the Spurs drawn almost any other team (with the exception of the Warriors) the Spurs might be first or second on this list of playoff contenders, but since it is such a shaky matchup, the Spurs’ playoff hopes seem a little more grim. Though the Clippers may run into some snags and matchup problems in the postseason, considering their funky collection of reserves, they still have the best offense top to bottom in the league. Beating the Warriors seems like a daunting task considering their offensive fluidity, but when their stingy defense is factored in, it’s difficult to imagine any team getting the best of them in a seven-game series. In the race for the second seed, the Cavaliers edged the Chicago Bulls and will face a young unexperienced Boston Celtics team in the first round.
The emergence of the young star Kawhi Leonard is a hefty jolt into the Spurs organization and his presence allows the older guys on the team to be able to get much needed rest because he’s able to handle a bulk of the workload.
He leads the NBA, of players who’ve averaged 30+ minutes, in three-point field goal percentage at .492.
Early exists have afflicted them, but with the deepest bench in the NBA, I cannot see why the Warriors will not make a deep playoff run. Tim Duncan and Tony Parker are still playing at an efficiently high level, where they are able to impact the game enough to disrupt opposing team’s game plans. In addition to their penchant for scoring points, the Clippers also take care of the ball, as they boast the best assist-to-turnover ratio in the NBA, meaning that the Clippers will not beat themselves in any game.

For starters, they have not been to the playoffs together, so how they react is a complete unknown—especially for Love and Irving—and they’ll be sure to face teams that have endured several playoff disappointments, at the ends of LeBron nevertheless. Point guard Mike Conley, unlike his teammates is day-to-day, nursing a foot injury and if value means anything, then the Grizzlies do not make a deep playoff run without him on the floor. This team is going into the postseason relatively healthy compared to the start of the season and in their last 25 games they won 21, while ending the season with a 12-1 record. Despite missing Blake Griffin for 15 games, the Clippers still finished tied for the third best record among all teams (56-26), which should say that the this team, and particularly Chris Paul, is on a mission to finally get over the hump.
The Warriors are the second team on this list because they haven’t proved they can win when it matters most and Anthony Davis won’t make it easy in the first round, but now is the time to turn it around. This is dangerous territory for other playoff teams because the Spurs have peaked at the right time and are now poised to make yet another deep postseason run, despite being the sixth seed. On top of Leonard and the marquee veterans (Duncan, Parker, Ginobili) the Spurs have a great set of complementary players in Danny Green, Boris Diaw, Patty Mills and Cory Joseph, all of whom provide a special skillset that hold the Spurs together.
This team doesn’t blow you away with name recognition and status, but the obvious team cohesion makes them a top five team heading into the postseason. The Spurs have everything they need to repeat as champions and until proven different I cannot see how they are not the number one team heading into the playoffs.
After back-to-back finals appearances, it’s obvious that this team is no stranger to playoff success.
This team is too talented in a decimated eastern conference to not have playoff success and with LeBron at the helm, Cleveland is as close to a sure thing as there could be.

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