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Creative contributors from Florida bringing you original content, news, and some history from the Sunshine State. Thanks to Malcolm Butler intercepting Russell Wilson’s pass on the last real play of the Super Bowl, Tom Brady, in the eyes of many fans and media-heads, surpassed Joe Montana as the best quarterback in NFL history. Similar to OPS+ or wRC+ in baseball, the Plus stats show how much better or worse a player was than the league average.
Both Montana and Brady are far superior to their contemporaries but one QB stands out here. As you can see, both quarterbacks are so far above the league average that it’s silly but Joe Montana is the superior passer in every category except touchdown percentage. Not to mention Montana was the superior runner with more rushing yards, more rushing touchdowns, and a better rushing yards-per-attempt average. Joe Montana not only bests Tom Brady in six-out-of-eight categories, but the ones he loses in are so minuscule that it hardly matters. While Tom Brady has compiled larger totals, like yards and completions, over a larger game total, Joe Montana owns the better numbers especially when you compare their playoff numbers against their regular season numbers. Tom Brady matched Joe Montana's four career Super Bowl championships and three career Super Bowl MVP awards on Sunday. In Sunday night's Super Bowl at University of Phoenix Stadium, Brady matched Montana's four career Super Bowl championships and three career Super Bowl MVP awards with a fourth-quarter comeback that resulted in a 28-24 Patriots win over the Seahawks.

Brady completed 37 of 50 passes for 328 yards with four touchdowns and two interceptions, connecting with Danny Amendola and Julian Edelman for touchdowns in the final eight minutes to erase a 24-14 deficit entering the fourth quarter. Montana, meanwhile, won four Super Bowls with the 49ers, the last being a 55-10 thrashing of the Broncos in Super Bowl XXIV in January 1990, a game in which he completed 22 of 29 passes for 297 yards and five touchdowns with no interceptions. This is only a fraction of what should be considered, of course, but we've compiled both quarterbacks' Super Bowl stats below. New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady holds his son Benjamin during a parade in Boston on Wednesday. A vast amount of column space was spent this week debating whether Tom Brady had finally ascended to No.
These assessments leaned heavily on the fact that Brady is tied with Joe Montana and Terry Bradshaw for the most Super Bowl victories of any quarterback.
The common narrative is that early-career Brady wasn’t a statistical monster, to the point that his playoff wins over Peyton Manning in 2003 and 2004 were held up as victories for clutch, gritty winners everywhere. Of course, any good ranking of quarterbacks should also give credit for performance in the playoffs, and Brady’s trump card over Manning has always been the postseason. Because of the extreme weighting given to playoff games, Brady loses ground to Montana, whose three best Super Bowls were each at least 47 adjusted yards of value better than any of Brady’s Super Bowls.
Tom Brady, on the other hand, under performed his regular season numbers in the playoffs across the board.

I find it funny that one play-call that did not even involve Tom Brady somehow makes him the greatest quarterback in NFL history. But the truth is that, in addition to his gaudy record as a postseason starter, Brady was one of the league’s top five to 10 regular-season quarterbacks statistically even before his transformation into a passing efficiency god in 2007. Even so, Brady’s stats have risen far above those of his peers (including Manning) during the peak of his career once all the aforementioned adjustments are made.
That’s because every team starts out with a 1 in 32 chance of winning it all, which inevitably moves to either zero (for the 20 teams who miss the playoffs) or 1 in 12 ( for playoff teams) once all 16 games are played. For those new to this method, Plus Stats start at 100 (league average) and every number above or below is the percent that player was above or below the league average. If Seattle scores we are talking about how Brady’s two interceptions might have cost them the game. I digress, though, as the numbers simply to do not back this notion of Tom Brady being the best of all-time. But for now, Montana reigns supreme among Super Bowl-era QBs when playoff performance is included in the calculations.

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