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The Tampa Bay Rays suspended their all-out push for a waterfront stadium Wednesday as community leaders vowed to help the team find the best site for a new ballpark and money to build it. Team officials said they will let a group of community, city and county leaders lead the search for a new stadium. On the table will be the location, funding and design of a new ballpark, said Mayor Rick Baker. But the Rays, Baker and others who broke the news Wednesday studiously avoided speculating about where a new stadium might go. The Rays' decision to postpone the stadium vote solidified during a Sunday meeting at Tropicana Field between Baker and Rays principal owner Stuart Sternberg.
Lyash has not yet named members to his group but said he expected them to come from myriad backgrounds around the Tampa Bay area. The group will have a broad scope to examine potential sites but will also look at ways to improve the relationship between the Rays and the community.
Among other things, Silverman said to be competitive the Rays need local corporations to buy a lot more season tickets.
Wednesday's announcement marked the first time community leaders presented such a unified front since the Rays announced their plans in November. For the first time, Baker said that the team needed a new stadium to remain viable in the long run. County leaders said the Rays probably could not get support from the county's Tourism Development Council for extending a bed tax that was critical to their financing plan. Expanding the stadium discussion past the waterfront creates new questions for city and team officials. Also to be considered is the short-term future of Al Lang Field, the former spring training home of the Rays.

Rays fan guide to the TropHere are some insider tips to Tropicana Field and area information.
The rhetorical question could be asked for some time, particularly with rumors that teams like the Cubs and Angels, who have general manager vacancies, might be interested in the Rays' Andrew Friedman. The problem for Sternberg and the Rays is that although that could have been said yesterday, it wasn't; that's from before this season began.
The main reason the Rays have failed to win the hearts of folks in Central Florida is the same one that explains the Marlins' similar fate in South Florida, says Michael Kalt, the Rays' point man for the new stadium. There are over 22 million people in the New York metropolitan area, of which about 4.2 million live in the New Jersey counties closest to the Meadowlands, where the New York Giants and Jets play and which is the most likely site for a baseball stadium.
There is, of course, one not-so-small issue with the Rays moving to New Jersey, and it's not the lack of a stadium (unsuited as it is for baseball, they could probably play at the new Meadowlands football stadium for a couple of years while one is built).
That's what I'd do, if I were MLB's moguls -- approve a Rays move to New Jersey, with some payments to the Mets and Yankees. The Rays acknowledged that complex negotiations over stadium construction, redevelopment of Tropicana Field, parking and other issues would be difficult to resolve in time for a November referendum. Opponents of the Rays' stadium plan want the land turned into a park, which would eliminate the site for the Rays.
PETERSBURG — The Tampa Bay Rays this afternoon revealed a bold plan for a new waterfront baseball stadium at one end of a dramatically transformed St.
So let's look at the literal question, which is made more important today by Rays owner Stuart Sternberg's comments about the poor attendance at Tuesday's division series game against the Rangers.
It's unique -- no other baseball stadium looks anything like that -- and it fits in with the culture of the region. There have been rumors that the New York native, who grew up a Mets fan, is interested in buying that team if they come on the market, but he claims to be uninterested.

4.2 million -- that would instantly make the Rays part of (approximately) the 12th largest market in baseball, about the size of Boston or Detroit. Sure, San Antonio, Portland, Nashville and Charlotte, among others, have expressed varying degrees of interest, but they don't have the market or media clout that you'd get from moving a team to New Jersey. Unfortunately, it will likely never be built; the Rays gave up on getting funding approved for that park.
The New York City area supported three teams for more than 50 years until the Dodgers and Giants moved to California. Scuttling the November referendum means the November 2009 city elections could be dominated by the question of a new ballpark. Petersburg mayor Bill Foster says he is going to hold the Rays to their lease for the Trop and not allow them to seek out sites in the Tampa Bay area outside that city; thus they have few options there other than to stay in that "UFO", which no one likes and that is in a location difficult for the bulk of area residents to get to. But the plan does call for $60-million in state tax money and property tax revenue from the redeveloped Tropicana Field site, as well as proceeds from the sale of that land.The team says it believes it can stay within its $450-million stadium budget and, if not, would be responsible for any cost overruns. The money, $450-million, largely would come from the Rays and the redevelopment of the Tropicana Field site. They say there are 12,000 spots within a 15-minute walk of the stadium and that many could be used for game parking, that more could be available, and there will also be parking at the Tropicana Field site, with some type of shuttle service.

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