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Published : 04.09.2015 | Author : admin | Categories : Champions League Predictions
Downloading Sports Betting Africa™ file vector logo you agree to abide to our terms of use. THE gambling industry in Africa’s emerging market may be receding but South Africa, Nigeria and Kenya continue to lead the pack, according to the outcome of a recent study.
Some casino operators in certain regions believe the slowdown in 2013 was due in part to growing competition from electronic bingo terminals, limited payout machines (LPMs) and sports betting shops, which are becoming more prevalent in the industry.

Of the three countries included in the analysis, South Africa has the largest overall gambling market as well as the largest land-based casino gambling market. The National Gambling Board of South Africa is the source for South African historical data. Gross land-based casino gambling revenues totalled R16.5 billion in South Africa in 2013 compared with only R428 million in Nigeria and R195 million in Kenya.

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