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Documentation page: Detailed description of Sports Predictions, functions and version history.
When a sport event's final result is published in soccer betting system backend, all users who has placed their predictions for this sport event's outcome are given points depending on their predictions success. Sports Predictions joomla betting system is real money site maker, is tip extension for Joomla, created especially to make money from paid games (soccer or other sports) and from free games! Free Games in website, paid access to Hystory: You can do this way with FREE payment plugin for Payments for Joomla - plugin is included in Sports Predictions package (Payments for Joomla is separate component for payments for all Joomla and is integrated with over 10 different Joomla components).

For football fans who want to earn some beer money while enjoying the beautiful game, visit Dafabet Sportsbook and try your luck in odd-even betting with football betting!
Our component is best way to make soccer games for coming soon FIFA World Cup 2014 in Brazil.
It is a type of football betting is also risky, because in odd-even bet you will need to guess whether the total goal count will be odd or even. With plugin installed and configured, only subscribed users can place predictions in Sport Predictions and you will have Only paid Games in website.

You may use it as soccer predictions 1x2 games, as soccer prediction software (soccer betting system) or to create sports games for free for any other sport - a person vs.
You can rename titles to Hockey Expert, Soccer predictions or Basketball predictions if you wish. live streaming
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