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As more news trickles out from the failed Chris Paul deal, we learn that David Stern continues to be as ruthless as he was all NBA lockout-long.
The Indiana Pacers have decided to amnesty James Posey and his $6.9 million contract, according to Y! There's only one NBA owner with the moxy to test Chauncey Billups' "threat." And he goes by the name of Michael Jordan. While we haven't seen this confirmed anywhere else, HoopsWorld is reporting the rumored Josh McRoberts-O.J. The Clippers, meanwhile, would feature one of the most explosive pick-and-roll combinations the NBA has ever seen. Several media reports citing unnamed sources say that James, the superstar playmaker who powered the Cavaliers into the NBA Finals, has told the team he will opt out of his contract, as Love also reportedly has done. James is a free agent for the third time in five years after leaving Cleveland for Miami, spending four seasons with the Heat that brought two NBA titles and then opting last year to return to the Cavaliers. But next year, when a new television deal boosts the NBA salary cap, James could see his salary jump to $32.4 million by opting out.
Beyond the Cavaliers, who fell to Golden State in the NBA Finals, come several talented free agents who could boost the fortunes of new clubs.

San Antonio’s Kawhi Leonard, the NBA Defensive Player of the Year, is expected to stay with the Spurs. The NBA Trade deadline is approaching, and a lot of NBA trade rumors are swirling around the rumor mill. The 2014-15 NBA season is more than halfway complete, All-Star weekend is among us, and the trade deadline is approaching. Phoenix Suns guard Goran Dragic has been in trade rumors all season long, especially by the Los Angeles Lakers. As we were finally putting the latest Chris Paul trade rumors to bed, Ken Berger reports the league is attempting to revive negotiations with the Clippers. At four years and $19 million, the agreement isn't no longer as ridiculous as once thought. We'll be updating the post all day with the latest free agent and transaction rumors across the league.
He is expected to sign with the Cavs again for $22 million, only a boost of $400,000 over what he would have made had he not opted out. Numerous NBA teams will be looking to improve their rosters via trade, while others will be looking to trade away their talent and save money for salary cap reasons.

Sports reports the deal that has captured the NBA blogosphere all day is officially "dead." The Clippers could change their mind.
According to Woj's source, the "deal could be dying." As is any hope for logic or reason in this turbulant and wildly unpredictable NBA offseason. Young isn't a superstar, but his contract has him making roughly $16 million over the next three seasons. After dominating the NBA at such a young age, he basically forced the league to adopt the "Derrick Rose rule," allowing him to a sign an extension worth 30 percent of the salary cap, as opposed to 25 percent in the old CBA. Or maybe David Stern and the NBA will refuse to ever deal the All-Star point guard, forcing him to play in New Orleans all season, and then leave for nothing.

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