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Most fans and media consider this weekend pro football nirvana, the best buffet of NFL edibles. Now the Ravens travel to another familiar venue, and play a team they’ve already beaten there twice in the playoffs.
But these aren’t the generic Patriots, who have been Tom Brady and a bunch of afterthoughts for years. If there weren’t enough delicious timing or tension to this contest, this is the first time in NFL history a team that went 8-0 at home played a team that went 8-0 on the road. High Dollar Figures Of Some NFL Fines Surprise Broncos PlayersGround Game Fuels North Dakota Rout Of N. We love the NFL because it’s mostly a meritocracy, which brings us to the divisional round, the top shelf of football delicacies. And they bring with them a sizzling playoff quarterback in Joe Flacco, who, as the world knows, has thrown 13 touchdowns since his last playoff pick. According to the Baltimore Sun, Brady has completed just 56 percent of his passes, with three touchdowns and seven interceptions against the Ravens in the playoffs. Call it an epiphany, trading eternal malcontent Percy Harvin, or just Bobby Wagner’s return, something snapped or clicked or called Seattle into form.

That also includes Marshawn Lynch, who may not be loquacious enough after the game, but he’s summoned his patented Beast Mode just in time for a deep playoff run. So summon the Philadelphia Philharmonic, crank up some John Facenda, and watch at least five hours of NFL Films before watching this classic clash.
Only the NFL can plant its flag in a town that barely has enough people to fill its local stadium. Forget the nuance of passer ratings, all you need are two eyes and common sense to see that Aaron Rodgers is a savant in his prime. He’s got the mojo and monolithic dedication to his craft to run the NFL for fifteen years.
The man has thrown for 6,589 yards in the playoffs, most in NFL history, and has played in three Super Bowls.
Sure, the injury to Le’Veon Bell stung, but there are no excuses for our putrid performance at home.
Especially on defense, where New England has the best bookend cornerbacks in the NFL, in Darrelle Revis and Brandon Browner. So if Brady wants to avoid another solemn offseason at the hands of their postseason nemesis, they will have to run the ball more, which they did this year, surely in preparation for January.

Their heralded defense is back to the bruising form that landed it the Lombardi Trophy last year.
And for all the concerns over the Broncos’ bona fides in 2014, they lost only four games, and two of them were at Seattle and Foxborough.
That kind of passing addiction is dangerous against Denver, which has a potent pass rush, led by Von Miller and DeMarcus Ware, who combined for 24 sacks this season. A Yankees devotee and Steelers groupie, he has been scouring the forest of fertile NYC sports sections since the 1970s. Only someone of his heft can pass for 4,727 yards and 39 touchdowns and have his year overlooked.

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