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Published : 16.04.2013 | Author : admin | Categories : Soccer Predictions VIP 2016
The quadrennial soccer extravaganza that is the FIFA World Cup just got over in Brazil, with the Germans beating the Argentinians for the title by scoring the only goal of the match in the second half of extra time. During the knockout matches she was spot on with all her predictions, save for the Brazil-Netherlands third place playoff, where her mojo deserted her and she ended up favoring hosts Brazil instead of the actual winners, the Dutch.
With Cortana Correctly Predicting 15 Out Of 16 Matches For FIFA World Cup 2014, We Think NFL Fantasy Football Predictions Should Be Next!

Cortana has just blew all gamblers and fortune tellers expectations away with its stunning ability to correctly predict accurately the winner in 15 of 16 games of FIFA World Cup 2014 football. A near perfect bracket was upset yesterday with failing to get just 1 game wrong in the knockout rounds. The Microsoft Bing team enabled the ability for Cortana to predict the outcomes of soccer matches from Brazil powered by prediction technology on devices running Windows Phone 8.1! The results were nothing short of breath taking and so we are thinking for her next trick she should be able to accurately predict NFL Fantasy Football league players to play in a lineup!

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