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Find out how to make NCAA college football office pools for both the regular season and college bowl games. College football office pools are a great way to enjoy the fun and excitement of the college football season with your friends, family and co-workers. What makes the College Bowl Game Pick 'Em Contest so much fun is that it can be played by an unlimited number of contestants. In the most basic format of the College Bowl Game Pick 'Em Contest, players select the outright winner of each bowl game and receive 1 point per correct selection.
You can obtain a bowl game office pool contest template right here at Sports Betting Acumen! You can run a college football squares contest, or football box pool, for any individual college bowl game. We hope that you will have a great time with these great college football office pool contests.
Sports Betting Acumen has everything you need to set up and run a college football pool during the regular season or a college football bowl game pool during the Holidays. In addition, there is a tie breaker involving the total points scored in four bowl games selected by the contest administrator.

The College Bowl Game Challenge is the same basic game as the College Bowl Game Pick 'Em Contest, but includes a scoring system where the individual players rank each game that they are selecting. We have made this step very easy by providing a College Bowl Challenge entry form template. The office pool contestants will rank the bowls in reverse order from 1 to 28 (the number of bowl games in 2005-2006). As the college football bowl games are completed the contest administrator will score the entries. Obviously, the game featuring your hometown team will be the most likely game for the contest, but any game will do. We prefer to just call this office football pool what it is, The College Bowl Game Pick 'Em Contest. We recommend that these bowl games be interesting from an offensive match-up point of view, and that the national championship game be included. Where the College Bowl Game Pick 'Em Contest can be played by anybody, even those who prefer to guess the winners of each game, the College Bowl Game Challenge is geared more toward the serious college football fan.
For each correct winner selected, a player will receive the number of points corresponding to the bowl game.

The object of the game is very simple: Score the most points by predicting the straight up winners (no point spreads) of the college football bowl games. This makes the game affordable for everybody and keeps the football experts from buying the contest. If, for example, a player ranked the Orange Bowl as a 20 point game and correctly picked the winner, they would accrue 20 contest points. It seems easy enough, but once you try picking winners of the bowl games for a few years you will find out just how difficult it really is. The entry form offered by Sports Betting Acumen includes this year's bowl games and teams, making it very easy to select the winning teams. Our feeling is that if two contestants should tie after 28 bowl games they should both be declared winners and split the prize.

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