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The emblem of Marseille, Notre-Dame-de-la-Garde basilica stands high on a hillside looking down over the city.
Part lighthouse, part fortress, part sacred place of pilgrimage, La Bonne Mere (the Good Mother), as Notre Dame de la Garde is universally and affectionately referred to, is the symbol of Marseille.
Built on the city's highest point, the Basilica of Notre Dame de la Garde can constantly be glimpsed along streets and through archways from the moment you emerge out of Saint Charles Station.
It all makes Notre Dame de la Garde an unmissable destination for anyone who wants to understand something of the Marseille spirit. Just 24 when he began work on Notre Dame de la Garde, Esperandieu had a radical - and, at the time, shocking - vision of an exotic, Romano-Byzantine edifice built in multi-coloured striped stone. Open daily (check the website for Notre Dame de la Garde for opening hours as these can vary during the year). In 2013 Notre Dame de la Garde unveiled its own new museum, for which there is a small admission charge.

The long staircase leading up to Notre Dame de la Garde from the drop-off point for buses, cars and petit train has always presented a problem for disabled visitors, families with small children and pushchairs and, indeed, anyone with restricted mobility. Anyone visiting Marseilles for the first time is impressed by the original and very special architecture of Notre-Dame de la Garde.
It is also surrounded by a beautiful the Parc Longchamp, which is listed by the French Ministry of Culture as one of the Notable Gardens of France. In Marseilles, Notre-Dame de la Garde is traditionally regarded by the population as the guardian and the protectress of the city. In 1302, Charles II of Anjou ordered one of his ministers to ensure that beacons were set along the Mediterranean coast of Provence; one of these beacon sites was the hill of Notre-Dame du Gard.
Estimating that the fort of la Garde constituted a desirable strategic position, he bribed the sergant Nicolas and on 1 August 1650 installed one of his partisans, David Caze. During plague which hit Marseilles in 1720, the bishop Henri de Belsunce went three times by foot to the chapel at the Notre-Dame de la Garde on 28 September and 8 December 1720 and 13 August 1721 to bless the inhabitants of the city.

The princess, who painted well, left a pencil drawing representing a view of Marseilles from the virgin of Notre-Dame de la Garde.
The insurrectionists taken refuge in the prefecture are under the fire of the batteries installed in strong Saint Nicolas's Day and in Notre-Dame de la Garde.
Other soldiers use the staircases of the Notre-Dame ascent which climbs from the boulevard of the same name.

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