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While betting on the NHL (see NHL picks) is not as common as on the NFL, NBA, or MLB, sports bettors and investors looking to augment their current betting portfolio with little time of to learn a new sport and strategies, can often find a great fit with the NHL.
Because NHL betting is less common than betting on other sports (it has a very large following, but it is comparatively smaller) it’s more common for the sport books to put smaller returns on both money lines and puck lines.
The house pays attention to the randomization in the NHL (salary caps and other unique facets of the league give it more parity) and gives it a place of prominence. Tag: betting on NHL, betting the favorite in hockey, hockey betting strategy, how to bet on hockey, how to win hockey bets, nhl betting strategies, nhl picks, pucklines, what is the puckline, zig-zag theory. Get NFL football picks, football predictions and nfl sports handicapping experts picks combined with global expert sports predictions, from the most confident and intelligent sports prediction model available. Betting on the National Hockey League (NHL) may not have the same cachet or popularity as football or basketball wagering. Before we take a look at some common hockey betting systems, let’s take a quick peek at the basics of NHL betting. When it comes to betting on league sports, football, baseball and basketball are the uncontested big three.
Bettors in every sport are constantly searching for a successful, repeatable betting system — and hockey is no different.
Another simple yet popular system involves taking advantage of the betting public’s tendency to overreact to streaks. The Best Handicappers know the NHL is by far the least bet on of the 4 major US sports and Sport books don't put nearly as much effort in setting NHL betting lines as they do with the other 3 leagues. NHL live betting allows you to keep betting on the hockey action after the puck and fists have started flying.

Pinnacle Sports generally offers the best live NHL betting odds, but if you want to be able to bet between intermissions, you’ll need to do your NHL live betting at Sports Interaction, Bodog or Bet365.
Betting on an NHL game as it progresses can simply add an extra interest to watching the action unfold. For more expert bettors, live NHL odds can enable correlated betting based on perceived relationships between the three main markets offered. Our monthly email recaps the best and most helpful content we've posted and ensures bettors are always up to date on the latest sports betting news and information that matters.
And those hockey bettors active in profiting from betting on the NHL, will find 4 tips in this post on how to become a better hockey bettor. In this, monitoring expert NHL handicapper picks and predictions, and following the games themselves is incredibly important and can help you notice things like what criteria or conditions handicappers betting systems are using, or other game performance trends as goalie streaks.
To validate your NHL predictions, have a look at both the expert hockey handicappers picks and global consensus or public picks to see which way the experts and hockey analysts are playing, of fade the public. The betting public tends to fall in love with favorites, so the odds for underdogs are often tempting. If an otherwise good hockey team hits a rough patch, many bettors will avoid them, allowing the team to become undervalued for betting purposes. Pinnacle Sports accepts NHL live betting during the first and second intermissions, offering live NHL betting odds on the moneyline, puckline and total. NHL live betting enables you to wait to confirm your pre-game ideas about how things will pan out. But remember, if betting emotionally is a bad idea, it’s an extremely bad idea in the NHL.

There is a certain amount of performance variability over the course of an 82-game NHL season. NHL handicappers don't always look at the most popular teams or big games, they understand the real value can be found in less popular and widely overlooked games. Bet365 and Sports Interaction offer NHL live betting odds during play, but use a slight delay before accepting your bet in case the odds change dramatically. There are instances where if a bettor really believes in a favorite the payout for betting the puck line will payout way more than betting the money line. NHL Points leader Anaheim had a 9 day stretch in November as huge favorites against lowly Arizona, Vancouver, and Florida at home. Betting on the underdog also allows you to lose a majority of your bets while still making money. Unless you are an experienced NHL bettor you're not going to look up all this info and find value like a top NHL handicapper. A little bit of research and setting yourself up with the right capper can make the NHL season a very profitable one.

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