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On the Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon examines whether or not NHL hockey in Las Vegas is a good idea. When the NHL emerged from its year-long lockout and began the 2006 season, the box scores in the sports section of the newspaper were greeted with a new system by which to calculate NHL standings. The current system has been streamlined down to three simple columns: wins, losses and overtime losses. But Team A would be ranked ahead of Team B in the standings due to having won three more games.
In this instance it is not how many goals have been scored, but the gap between how many a team nets and how many a team allows which determines ranking.

No longer was the league using its archaic and cumbersome four-column formula whereby a team received two points for a victory, one point for a tie, one point for a loss in overtime, and zero points for a loss.
But now, instead of having ties, the NHL has decided that each team earns an automatic point for sending the game to overtime. The team with the highest point total among these division champs is given the first seed, the next highest gets the second seed, and the lowest point total among the division champs gets the third seed. Gretzky became a hockey legend in Edmonton, and his trade to Los Angeles made the Kings relevant on a league-wide level and arguably helped jumpstart western expansion. In the end, the system only changed so that there would always be someone emerging from a contest with a two-point boost in the standings.

For example, if two teams are tied with 64 points in February, yet Team A has played 60 games and Team B only 58, then Team B would be ranked ahead in the standings.

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