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Both the Raiders and Cowboys have been excellent against the spread, but Oakland might have too many problems to overcome.
If recent history is any indication, this betting line will be the most accurate of Week 13. The Falcons’ offense has been brutal in the second half of the season, scoring more than 13 points just once since Week Seven.
The Chiefs’ best wins have come against the Cowboys and Eagles, both of whom are just one game above .500. The Browns’ weakness on defense is against the run, but Jacksonville hasn’t been able to establish a strong ground game against anybody. It could be a high-scoring affair, considering both defenses have struggled against the pass. In recent weeks, though, the quarterback has played like someone who doesn’t belong in the NFL.

The Rams have played well in recent weeks, picking up wins against the Colts and Bears, but they’ve had their ups and downs this season. The Seahawks’ unusually strong home-field advantage is factored into the spread, but the Saints may have trouble keeping the game within one score.
The Titans have played better of late, keeping each game close or winning outright, and have been very good on the road all season, winning three times and covering the spread in all five games. The Chiefs have the No.2 ranked defense in the league, but they’ve struggled against good quarterbacks.
However, the Buccaneers haven’t failed to cover a spread since, and an improving Mike Glennon could keep his team in the contest for most of the way. There’s no reason to believe they’ll be able to keep it close against Tom Brady and company. Brady and Aaron Rodgers had their worst games of the year against the Bengals, and Rivers could suffer the same fate.

Eli Manning and Robert Griffin III haven’t played up to their capabilities, but the Giants quarterback could have more success, going up against a worse pass defense. They almost beat Indianapolis two weeks ago, and should have a chance to win late in this one.
The Broncos didn’t have much trouble in their first matchup two weeks ago, and the result might be the same the second time around.
Until the 49ers show vulnerability against a sub-.500 team, it doesn’t make sense to pick against them.

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