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Many people see the Denver Broncos as the top favorite in the NFL to make and win the Super Bowl even though they are behind the Kansas City Chiefs in the division and things likely will get shaken out as the teams play in the second half. The Chiefs and the Broncos play twice in three weeks coming up and that should be what gets the division set as the back stretch of the season plays out. The team has been under fire as a Super Bowl pick the past two weeks, as they had close games with the Rams and Buccaneers and that makes this matchup even more interesting.

The team has a tough schedule in the back stretch and they play a streak of four road games in five weeks starting in a few weeks and that comes after the next two games against the Dallas Cowboys and San Francisco 49ers. The Seahawks were the sexy pick at the beginning of the season, but after losing Sidney Rice and looking pedestrian in the past couple weeks, things could change on Sunday if they don't pull off a win.
The playoff position for the team likely will be decided with a stretch of the Atlanta Falcons, Seattle Seahawk, Carolina Panthers and Rams before playing the Panthers again starting up in Week 12 and that should put the team on track to the back stretch of the season.

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