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Published : 16.11.2013 | Author : admin | Categories : NFL Playoff Predictions
Super Bowl XLIX runners-up, the Seattle Seahawks, may be much deadlier heading into the upcoming 2015 NFL regular season. Heading into the 2015 regular season, the Cardinals return as a sleeper in the competitive NFC West.
The Niners’ defense was ravaged by retirements with linebackers Chris Borland and Patrick Willis, defensive end Justin Smith and safety Bubba Ventrone all calling it quits before the start of the 2015 season.

Despite their reinforcements, the Niners may not have much ammunition against the excellent defensive teams that inhabit NFC West. Anyone can make 2015 NFL predictions, so we took all 32 teams and re-created March Madness. He also kept his interception numbers in single digits, while throwing for the most yards per attempt of any quarterback in the NFL, with an average of 8.52 yards.

This division is headed towards two teams with double-digit wins, but the Cowboys come out on top of the NFC East.

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