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That's needed more than ever given the league-high 22 sacks allowed on Russell Wilson and an inability to integrate tight end Jimmy Graham.Kuechly is back for the first time since suffering a concussion in Week 1, though coach Ron Rivera might limit his contributions. NFL’s Week 6 will be littered with some interesting intra-divisional matchups, the biggest of which will be under the bright lights of primetime on the Thursday and Sunday night.
The Packers’ evisceration of their NFC North rivals in the last two weeks by a combined score of 70-27 has been impressive, but they’re still susceptible to two things: a good pass rush and a good running game. With all due respect to Geno Smith, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Tom Brady (in an out-of-sync Pats offense) and Ryan Tannehill, whom the Raiders faced and allowed on average just 207 passing yards (fourth-best in the NFL) but Philip Rivers and the Chargers offense are on an entirely different level.
To account for injuries and roster moves announced late in the week, we will be re-simulating games on Thursdays through the season.
Week 5 featured a lot of games that came right down to the wire, but out NFL simulation engine performed well despite all the close games.

Nailed It: Our NFL simulation engine predicted the Giants would beat the 49ers by an average final score of 28-22.
But a heavy workload (86 carries already in essentially three games) coupled with a short week isn’t a good combination for an already banged up running back. They rushed for 149 yards against the Browns, and their 5.0 yards per carry is tied for third in the NFL.
Also, Bridgewater should get a taste of consistent NFL pressure this time around, as the Lions’ D-line  can generate a significantly better pass rush than the feeble Falcons. Their running game (fourth in the NFL at 143 yards per game) has shown staying power, and has added its lead back, Ben Tate, back into the fold. The engine went 10-4 overall this week, correctly picking the Game to Watch (Bengals over Seahawks) and the Lock Pick (Patriots over Cowboys).

Despite a strong performance in Week 5 and having home field advantage, the simulation engine has the Eagles struggling against the Giants, with New York winning 57.8 percent of the time by an average score of 25-23.
Meanwhile, Brian Hoyer (two-straight 290-plus yard games) is actually looking like a legit starting NFL quarterback with each passing week.

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