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In terms of average and median salaries through the years, the mean is down $7,430.92 from last season, although the median is up $1,240. The current collective bargaining agreement between MLS and the MLSPU expires after next season, in December 2014. Unlike years past, where two teams paid far-and-away the highest total salaries in the league, a third team has joined the fray. But all of this excitement is reliant upon the league and its players settling the age-old sports dilemma of balancing player salaries with franchise profits. The MLS collective bargaining agreement expires before the 2015 season begins, and as things currently stand, many MLS players experience the greatest income inequality in American professional sports. It’s no surprise that MLS’ highest paid players make a significant chunk of the total money paid to the league’s athletes. The NHL is probably the most similar league to MLS as far as roster sizes go, but the NHL’s recent labor issues have created a system where the players’ salaries are relatively flat from top to bottom.
Compared to the other three major salary cap leagues, the top earners in the NFL, NBA and NHL do not have salaries exponentially higher than the average athlete in their sport. Next season not only marks the end of Major League Soccer’s current CBA, but the current television deal with NBC and ESPN is also set to expire.
No matter what, the status quo for MLS’ salary cap and labor relations can not continue in 2015. One thing’s for sure, the biggest clash in the 2015 MLS pre-season will be played out in some Manhattan board room.
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It makes me smile a bit to see the free market system used in defense of the current MLS structure. Surely, these players were brought in a select soccer system that required them to perform in order to make a team.
So maybe MLS should change the DP rule to a luxury salary rule, say a max of 5 players counting to a luxury salary of $8m. Trending upwards, the median compensation in MLS is shy of half the average salary due again to the amount earned by and number of designated players in the league. For example, when a portion of the Los Angeles Galaxy’s profits were making their way into David Beckham’s bank account, those were not declared in his MLSPU-released salary.
3 in the salary table in May, too, but owners Joe Roth, Drew Carey, Adrian Hanauer and Paul Allen are starting to throw more money around in an attempt to bring an MLS Cup to the largest fan base in the league.
However, when compared to the other three major North American sports leagues with a salary cap (the NFL, NBA and NHL), the income gap is the widest in MLS. In no league do you see such a dramatic spike from the top 90% of earners to the top 95% of earners as you do in Major League Soccer.
The players who will likely get the rawest deal would be the players in the 80th percentile of salaries — guys making around $200k such as Nick Rimando, Jack Jewsbury, Robbie Findley, or the departed Markus Holgersson. I’d be interested to see the comparison with other soccer leagues instead of with other American leagues. But those teams could be much more competitive if they could sign say 5 players on $1.5m salaries. It has been the case since 2007, when the MLS Players Union made the decision to make such data available.

As MLS Commissioner Don Garber continues to emphasize the league’s focus on NYC2 despite references and hints towards Orlando, another franchise in a major market is expected to impact more than player salaries. MLS clubs may have the opportunity to sign the long-rumored “4th DP” or there may be a higher spending threshold.
These are guys whose salaries put them on the bubble in the current MLS salary cap structure.
Such is the case with expansion of MLS in 2011 when Portland and Vancouver joined the league. The highest salary* earned has the players in Major League Soccer earning more than one million dollars can be viewed below.
The addition of big-money contracts of Defoe and Bradley will artificially inflate the league’s average salary (as will the hefty price Philly will pay Mo Edu on a “loan”), but it’ll be little comfort to the 250 or so MLS players who likely make less money than some members of their club’s sales staff. That’s the way the NFL does it, but I suspect that MLS’ central bureaucracy (which pays for transfers and some player salaries) takes some off the top. It shouldn’t matter how much the guys at the top make, but it does matter because the cap is so low that most MLS clubs need to find players on the cheap to fill out their rosters.
The 19 clubs in MLS would have to split that $28 million evenly, netting each club about $1.47 million per season.
Just like vt rating wise there is probably a tipping point in quality where all of a sudden MLS will get much better ratings, like epl numbers in America.

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