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Daily News writers' 2013 Philadelphia Phillies and Major League Baseball season predictions. The 2015 MLB season is here, and we look for another profitable season here at My name is Kevin and I run this website with help of my expert MLB handicapper Brent (more on him below). This site gives out daily MLB picks and predictions that are based around betting the MLB games.

Brent is the expert handicapper that will be providing the daily MLB predictions at the blog (which can be found on the right hand side).
Be Careful: When some MLB handicappers display a really good record it might be because they are laying a lot of -200 or -300 type bets.
Predictions are anything but a precise science, but they sure are a whole lot of fun to make, and if you actually hit on a few, you will always have something to come back to when a fellow fan questions your knowledge. The Fix's daily rundown of the best sportswriting on the Web is joined by features such as The Count, a look at the most revealing sports stats, as well as regular live reports of major sports events.

It’s never easy to win a division in the MLB in any season, however I feel they are ahead of the Cubs, Brewers and the Reds and will likely only have to deal with the pesky Cardinals who seem to be in the thick of it every single season. Don’t be afraid to email me (contact info at bottom of page) for anything MLB or betting related.

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