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The Dolphins are scheduled to pay nearly twice as much for their wide receivers as the NFL average.
The Dolphins have been troubled along the offensive line for nearly a decade but the past three or four years have been particularly troubling. In this lesson, we'll be taking a look at the salary of every 2012 Pac-12 assistant I could find, as well as our 2013 coaches.
Next, let's take a look at the schools overall, as well as their average and median salaries. To give you an idea of Oregon's spending, they have two of the top-eight coaches and six of the top 20; looking at all the lowest-earning assistants per school, Oregon's makes the most. But the Dolphins are losing the battle at the bank because they're not getting the same bang for their salary cap buck. Also, Knowshon Moreno, who the Dolphins paid $3 million in 2014 in exhange for 148 yards before he was injured, is no longer counting because he is unsigned.
These salaries (2012 assistants, 2013 Cal assistants, and 2013 Cal coordinators) were obtained through a public records request, meaning the salaries of USC and Stanfurd have not been released because they are private schools. While we all want Dykes's coaching team to make the Bears a perennial bowl team again, it's also critical for them to instill an appreciation for academics and to aid in the maturation and character development of our Golden Bears. In 2012, the coaching staff was filled with many assistants unofficially becoming senior staff; the money was forced to be split among too many hands with not a single coach landing in the top 25.

So as much as the Dolphins have invested on the offensive line room, it remains incomplete. Obviously, this number is important and critical to football success, which is why we see so many coaches earn this. If you omit our 2013 salaries, this leaves our group of 2012 assistants as being paid sixth out of the 10 public schools in the conference. While other schools like UW, UCLA, and 2013 Cal can pay top dollar for a few key assistants and pay the others more modestly, 2012 Cal didn't place a single assistant coach in the top 25; none of those assistants were making elite-level money. Most of these men are first-time coaches at Cal (and OL Coach Yenser is a first-time coach period), so they're making the equivalent of entry-level salaries. Although this is a mix of the conference's 2012 and Cal's 2013 salaries, it's worth noting that we have the highest paid offensive coordinator and second-highest-paid defensive coordinator. 2012 Cal is the only school that hasn't had an assistant show up yet; as we learned last time, our 2012 team of assistant coaches were all similarly paid, so we can expect to see our top-paid guys in a more modest range. I'd guess this has more to do with seniority as the 2012 Cal assistants ahead of him were Michalczik, Kenwick Thompson, and Ron Gould, three men with long-standing ties to our Golden Bears, resulting in them becoming coordinators and Thompson and Gould being associate head coaches. For all the talk of the Rich Rod and Mike Leach offenses, we see their highest paid assistant coaches are their defensive coordinators, continuing the trend we saw previously.
We see maligned ex-Cal coach Steve Marshall out-earn Michalczik despite the latter's additional responsibilities as offensive coordinator; this is pretty shocking to me.

Perhaps this is because those head coaches trust in themselves to be the masters of their offense, rather than shelling out the big bucks for an offensive coordinator. The Wildcats experienced a rebirth with the spread offense of new coach RichRod while Utah failed to make a bowl under eight-year head coach Kyle Wittingham. He and four other coaches who each earn ~$215,000 earned the overall median salary of all assistants. We also see the highest-paid special teams coach, Oregon's Tom Osborne, come in as the 12th highest paid assistant coach. After having two of the top three highest salaries, it's taken us this long to get to the third 2013 Cal assistant, Assistant Head Coach, Outside Wide Receivers Coach, and Chipotle-aficionado Rob Likens at #54. As discussed last time, the majority of the total wages going to 2013 Cal assistant coaches are to Franklin and Buh.

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