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We all know that there are multiple ways people make money online like Affiliate marketing, blogging, Poker, Trading, Sports Betting , Freelance writing work etc.
So we have decided to make a comparison series on various topics on ideas regarding how to get rich fast , wherein we will place two successful money making methods against each other and see for ourselves what makes these careers successful and how these careers are better or worse than each other.
Sport betting industry is a big part of the gambling industry which has been expanding exponentially for past decade.
Sports’ betting is very much unlike other forms of gambling in regards of the skill required. Sports Betting usually falls under direct laws of gambling so there may be laws against it in some countries therefore check your national gambling laws before committing yourself in sports betting as a full time career or even part time income source. Personal bias have no place in the world of sports betting so do not bet on teams based on your liking or dislike towards a team as this will only put you in bad spots.
Register for a free account then play freerolls and play money games with the aim to create a bankroll (real money) and gain experience. Make a Real money account and start by depositing some money depending on your comfort and situation (mostly it starts from 10$ min, and goes to as high as you desire although we suggest ideally to be between 10$ to 100$ and no more) and start playing for real money.
Sports betting initial deposit can be very dependent on how much experienced and knowledgeable are you about betting. If you are serious about this then start with a bankroll between 100$ to 1000$ initially if like to have a real great chance of compounding that money by exploiting small spreads in a game.
Practice a lot as the more you practice the better you become also you can take advantage of play money option offered at most websites to practice your play.
Be patience and determined as making money in sports betting takes time as to make serious money you will have to grind your profits day in day out not just bet it all in 1 game.

Maintain a solid money management strategy and if you stick to your money management strategy (bet only between 2 to 5% of your bankroll in a single game and not more) then you have a very good chance on making real money in the game.
Choose your sport very wisely as it may determine where you end up after some years in this field.
Very low initial cost: you can start from almost zero money by playing freerolls or make a min. Zero competition: There is no competition in sports betting as anyone who enters the game has the target to beat the odds maker or casino so no matter how many or how experience players place bet you will always get money in relation to the odds given. Barriers to entry: betting has almost no barriers to entry except the country specific legal age barriers. Multiple platforms to select: There are various websites that provide betting platforms and the differences in the odds provided by them can help players exploit that option. Due to no barriers to entry you have to expect serious increase in competition players for prizes and also increase in the skill level of competitors making it tough to win the big money prizes.
To make sports betting a serious profession it requires some major investment of at least 100$ to 500$ if you plan to make long term earnings from the game. Sports betting on a professional scale can be quite complicated with all the math and analysis involved therefore can take quite some time for newbie’s to learn and master.
Based on all the facts and figures we could assemble for the game we believe that though there are some risks and disadvantages of the game but so has everything we do in life it’s own risks and disadvantages but no other money making opportunity apart from poker offers you a legitimate chance of making millions from literally scratch in relatively short time except other than may be a lottery that we all know has nothing to with skills and tactics. Also you can see all over the web the growing number of young poker professionals who have millionaires at young ages and rising trends of more people who aim to get rich fast are often making poker as their full time earning job. To sum it all up after analyzing all the point we think sports betting is a serious profession and a real profitable one if you study the game hard and have the patience to go through rough phases then it is almost like investing in shares (the more you diversify your portfolio the less risk of losing).

Also a thing to note is that you don’t have to win every bet you place rather astonishingly you only need to win a little more than 52% of your bets to make a decent profit in betting. So if you want to know how to get rich fast poker or sports betting might be your answer and since we have mentioned almost every fact about both of them it is upto you to decide which suits your lifestyle and requirements.
People from all walks of life have quit their day jobs to make a fulltime career in these internet based money making professions. We will start with Poker Vs Sport Betting, and then we will go on other topics in the future articles on methods like affiliate marketing, blogging, Forex, trading etc.
Betting requires some serious skills as how well you apply your knowledge and skills determine how you end up in the game especially in long run. It is considered good it you have already played over 10,000 hands of play before investing real money in it. Take into consideration before you select your sport are: how your knowledge of the sport, your personal experience of the sport, the popularity of the sport and resource available on the sport. If you treat betting like creating a strong portfolio of shares for trading and give it the respect and time then definitely you can see your incomes rise to a very high level in some time. Some people have already fulfilled their dreams of becoming rich fast while others are still trying to make theirs come true, therefore it is only logical for people to compare which method is better than other for making money.

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