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Stevens, a 39-year-old Las Vegas handicapper and upcoming host of the network’s “Money Talks” reality series on the world of sports gambling, runs VIP Sports in Sin City. Notaro, then 25, was sentenced to one year in jail in 1999 for his role in a Las Vegas telemarketing scheme that victimized elderly residents nationwide. Notaro is also listed as the renter of the office space at 4004 Schiff Drive, the location of VIP Sports, records show.
Fuhrman then noted that “no one, and I mean no one” knows Stevens, who was touted as something like a Las Vegas fixture.
YouTubeSteve Stevens, the star of an upcoming CNBC reality show called "Money Talks," is being called a fraud and an ex-convict by some of the most prominent people in the sports betting world today. The CNBC press release for the show calls him "a well-known handicapper," and a promo video on his company's website claims he has a winning percentage of 71.5%. But apparently no one in Vegas has heard of Stevens, and his 70% winning percentage is considered impossible.

Bob Voulgaris, a popular sharp NBA bettor, said on Twitter last night that he'd never heard of Stevens either, calling him "a complete scam artist" for the 70% claim. It's basically impossible to win 70%, but the VIP Sports Las Vegas website is using that claim to sell its picks to customers. Before we jump on CNBC, there's a big difference between Stevens being a fraud and the show itself being a fraud. This morning, WagerMinds reported that the domain name for Stevens' business VIP Sports Las Vegas was only registered eight months ago.
According to WagerMinds, it appears that Notaro also rents the office space where VIP Sports Las Vegas is housed. Again, we'll have to wait until the show airs to see if he is portrayed as what he claims to be (a big-shot sports bettor) or what many in the betting community see him as (a shady figure).
Stevens’ website boasts a winning percentage of 71.5 percent “to be exact,” a figure that — to say the least — raised some eyebrows within betting circles.

Voulgaris, whom Nate Silver called the best sports bettor in the world, only wins about 57% of his NBA bets. He was sentenced to a year in prison at age 25 for a scheme that "bilked elderly citizens across the nation out of at least $234,000," according to the Las Vegas Sun.
SportsInsights ran the numbers in June and found that your chances of winning 70% of bets against the spread are about one in one trillion.

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