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This entry was posted on Tuesday, April 20th, 2010 at 11:55 am and is filed under Coral Gables Real Estate. Basically what happens is that, initially when you purchase a rental property, most of the rental income goes toward the mortgage (the market tends to balance it that way–in some instance you may be able to get lucky and purchase a property which gets much better rates than that).
You’ll notice that rental income line starts lower than the 60K initial down payment cost because of high realtor fees if the building is sold too early. Besides being possibly a *better* income producer than stocks if you need the money between 15 and 45 years (which you probably do), it is also a more stable source of income than stocks (for instance, 4-plex property values held their value much better than normal houses during the housing boom and crash here in Orem, UT, see also [2] which shows that rental prices stayed relatively stable). Real estate has some downsides, like a higher cost of entry, you may have to be your own landlord if you want to save 10% from a management company, but the upsides seem to put it at a far better investments than stocks, in my opinion. If you can get owner occupied, with real estate, that would seem to be the best [for me, at least]. PRINCETON, NJ -- As Congress attempts to impose stiffer regulations on Wall Street to prevent a repeat of the 2008 financial crisis, Americans express a greater preference for stocks or mutual funds as the best long-term financial investment than they did a year ago.

The 22% of Americans who now say stocks or mutual funds constitute the best long-term investment is up from 15% a year ago, when the stock market was also much lower. The close connection between perceptions of stocks as the best investment and the performance of the stock market is clear in the accompanying graph. Real estate, at 50%, was the clear favorite in Gallup's first measurement, taken in July 2002.
Upper-income and college-educated Americans tend to prefer stocks and mutual funds, while Americans with lower incomes and those with no college education favor savings accounts or CDs as the best investment.
Banks and pharmacies get the best marks for customer service among seven commonly visited U.S. Of course, I’m not a financial advisor and this graph below is only going to show the average and overall return from these investments, but I find it interesting that real estate, overall, during the last 12 years, still has over a 35% return. It is similar to the 23% seen in September 2008 -- just prior to stock values tumbling amid the unfolding financial crisis.

At that time, the stock market was still ratcheting down after the bursting of the Internet dot-com bubble in 2000. It is certainly understandable that Americans' confidence in equities was shaken last year, given the market weaknesses revealed in 2008 and 2009. However, if you put it in real estate, despite all the turbulence it has suffered in the past 6 years, you’d be up about 37%. But as surging home prices in the first half of the decade gave way to signs of a burst in the housing bubble by 2007, the preference for real estate fell and that for stocks swelled to 31% -- the highest seen this decade.

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