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Please keep in mind that Tools for Money didn't make the money calculators listed below, they're just links to other free online financial calculator websites. Most calculate the numbers as advertised, but there are so few input fields, that you can't account for most of the details that will dramatically alter Real World results.
TVM = Time value of money, the basic concepts of what these financial calculators are all about. Bond calculator: Input coupon rate, maturity date, and it calculates bond's current market price or yield.
Futures contract calculator: Input equity, amount at risk, pick a plan and it calculates the amount at risk. Investment return calculator: Input N, I, PV, PMT, inflation, taxes, and it has sliders to calculate a graph of FVs. Stock dividend calculator: Input share price, quantity, dividend and tax bracket, and it calculate re- and post-tax dividend yield.

Put or call option pricing: Input stock price, shares, strike price and current price and it calculates if it's in the money or not plus other values.
Annual stock option calculator: Project how much a series of annual stock option grants could be worth to you. Calculate benefits of investing in a series of Certificates of Deposits with different maturities, also called a CD Ladder.
CD annual percentage yield calculator: Input deposits, N, I, and sliders calculates total value.
Whether you are investing for short-term or long-term gains, it is important to project the value of your investments. Paying them rent allows webmasters to put the financial calculators on their site in a manner that makes it look like their site built them (when they really just go to a site like Dinkytown to calculate and display the results). In put the type of the bond and date of purchase and the calculator will provide you the current value of the bond..

Input stock price, quantity, N, stock price, I, and it calculates their worth if exercised. It’s a UX study in turning a boring financial calculator into something you’d actually want to use. N = Number of compounding periods (how many times the calculations are done that compound money at the given interest rate, usually in months or years.

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